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Innuos Zen Mk3 / Mytek Brooklyn Dac / Lumin T2/

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I'm researching possibilities for streaming. 

Would any in Melbourne have one or both of these units in their set up that I might have a listen to? 

Any comments on these products would also be appreciated.

Thx so much for any replies,


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Hi - I'm not in MEL so can't help there. I haven't any direct experience with Innous. I think John Darko liked them. I do have a lot of experience with both Lumin and Mytek however. I think they both make very good products that are hi fidelity and easy to use. They seem to be well regarded on forums like SNA. You don't mention whether you are streaming from a source like HDD/Server with FLAC or similar or using a web based service like Tidal. Also, are you planing a room or desk based setup? Headphones at all? With the products you mention there are a lot of alternatives at varying prices. There are some really MEL stores that are linked to this site. Take some files and go listen - your ears are your best judge!

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Thank you for your comments.

I'll be streaming mostly from Idagio (classical music). I'll connect through to my tube power amp then my speakers. 

The Mytek Dac + will give me the option to later add  a tube headphone amp although the Mytek does have a h/p output which I will try. The Mytek seems to have a lot of options available such as a t/table input. 

I'll have a look at the Mytek and Innous Zen Mark 3 tomorrow. 

Thank you,

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Interesting question, I am tossing up between the Innuous Zenith MKIII and the lumin T2. Into Kii Audio 3/BXT system myself at the moment.


i am leaning toward the Innuous on reputation alone. But it’s really hard to get a demo of both in Melbourne.


A key driver for me is simplicity and the Innuous has that with the inbuilt CD burner.


So I’m. Interested to hear also, the sound quality and general performance of both. I think the T2 is really new too so potentially not many users yet.


Good luck with  your search, sorry to piggy back on your topic, the Mytek is a fine DAC in that price range though that’s for sure.

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@Heifetz  what is your budget?  If you are open to suggestions at different price ranges, you could also look at the NAD C658, Naim Uniti Atom (yes, it has an excellent amp, but can be used as a preamp) or Antipodes EX/CX.  


If the focus is on demos, then you will have rely on someone here for the Innuos and Mytek.  You can hear the Lumin T2  at Audio Magic in Northcote. NAD should be available at Klapp, Audio Trends, Melbourne Hifi.  I heard the Naim Uniti Atom at Sight & Sound Galleria in Camberwell, also in Melbourne Hifi, Vinyl Revival.  Antipodes is represented by Sonic Purity in Moorabbin. 

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       If you have something post in the comments and I'll check em out.  Looking for 60W plus, would love a set of mc60’s. 

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