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Looking for recommendations; my Technics 1200Mk2 need a service...

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I’m looking for recommendations for service/technicians that specialise in Technics 1200’s located in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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    • By campo007
      Item: Timestep Technics SL-1200, SL1210 New Precision Bearing
      Location: OAK PARK, VIC 3046
      Price: $450
      Item Condition: NEW - UNOPENED (JUST GOT IT)
      Reason for selling: NEW DIRECTION
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit
      Extra Info: Will ship Australia wide at buyers expense. 
      This is a brand new unused Timestep bearing for the Technics SL-1200 & SL1210. I just received it from Dave at Timestep, but decided to go in a new direction while in transit. The price i've proposed is the price i paid less GST and shipping from the UK. So saving around $80. 
      Technics SL-1200 SL-1210 New Precision Audiophile Bearing
      The standard bearing cannot keep the oil in place.  Instead a high viscosity "anti-fling" oil must be used.  "Other" bearings can only be "topped up" and the oil not actually replaced.  Imagine not being able to change the oil in your car, only adding a bit now and again
      Why would you want to change the oil ?  Well we found a fairly heavy oil works best with the Funk Platter and thinner oil for very heavy platters.  But you have the choice, you can take our advice, or change the oil to whatever, whenever !  BTW, unlike others, our bearing fits the Funk platter perfectly, as it should !
      The Timestep bearing has the spindle as a solid single piece of polished 303 Stainless Steel with a much larger base diameter and the bearing is polished PB102 Phosphor Bronze. A silicon nitride ball and PTFE thrust pad are fitted. The whole assembly is in a captive oil bath so that you can use more suitable thin oil, or any oil of your choice.  
      One image shows the Timestep bearing shaft on the left and the Technics on the right. The Technics bearing shaft has a cut out just below the brass part, resulting in a diameter of just 5.9 mm, the Timestep bearing shaft at this point is 10.4mm. This gives the Technics a critical bending moment around the reduced diameter. 

      The main part of the Technics shaft bearing surface is 7.1mm diameter and the Timestep one is 11.1mm which results in a bearing surface increase of nearly 2.5 times more (actually 2.445). And that's a lot!  The other image is looking down into the captive shaft bearing. At the bottom would normally be the P.T.F.E. thrust pad and the silicon nitride ball bearing, and a lot of very nice oil. 

      So with 1.76 times diameter at the weakest point and 2.5 times more bearing surface area, you can see why we get such great performance. 
      We deliberately use the existing Technics bearing housing because it fits properly and being cast has great strength and rigidity, also it does not ring like a brass bell.  It keeps the cost down too !
      You don't need any special tools, you don't need to modify the PCB and you don't need to remove parts to get it to fit.  A simple Philips screwdriver is all you need and less than 15 minutes of your time.
      This is the best selling Technics bearing, users have reported more solid bass, considerably better timing, greater soundstage and a general "feel good" sensation.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By reflux075
      Hi peeps,
      Any sugguestions as to where I can get a PrimaLuna preamp serviced in Melbourne? Many thanks.
    • By Michael Loh
      I have a Chinese-made E-Sound CD-E5 CD player bought from Cattylink Analog Reseach (Hong Kong) a number of years ago. Lately I have noticed a few crackles occasionally. Perhaps it needs a service. Can anyone recommend somewhere that might service CD players in Melbourne, preferably in south-east Melbourne? Thanks.
    • By Mike
      I've read a few folks recommend Qualhifi as a good place to get Denon amps serviced, but I'm wondering if there is somewhere in Melbourne closer to Brunswick (north of the city) that might be just as good?
      The model is a Denon AVC-A1, quite old and with a few quirks that I'm not sure can be fixed or not (i.e. headphone jack randomly engaging and the rear right channel has a fair bit of distortion)...I'm just not sure I want to cart it so far if there's a good repair option north of city!
    • By mahasiswa baru
      How to Clean the HP Android Screen  
      Toothpaste aka Odol : 
      Do not you think that toothpaste can make your teeth so clean. Toothpaste can also make your scratchy smartphonemu screen become a concurrent again. You can use toothpaste to remove scratches on your hp screen, the way is easy: turn off your phone then apply toothpaste (but do not grasp the micro or bleach yes) to the touchscreen display there are scratches using your fingers or toothbrush. Flatten to all parts of the touchscreen display by using your finger or also with a toothbrush slowly. On the scratched part, rub it slightly hard (but not too hard too). Allow for several minutes until the toothpaste dries. If it is dry, you can clean the rest of the toothpaste by using a clean tissue, cotton or cloth.  
      Eucalyptus oil : Make a child really try! You sure memorized tag line advertising this one right? Yup .. eucalyptus oil is one ingredient that can make your android screen can kinclong like buy new again. You can clean the hp screen by using a tissue or microfiber cloth that has been dropleted with eucalyptus oil. Actually, in addition to cleaning the hp screen, eucalyptus oil can also clean keeping the cd / dvd dirty. The same way, dab of eucalyptus oil on a piece of tissue, cotton or clean cloth then rubbed on the surface cd.  
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