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Beginner from Melbourne

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Hello All,


Just started getting into audio and wanted to join a community for guidance and advice.


I actually started by walking into a retailer looking for a home theatre beyond the Bose and Sonos that i saw being marketed toward the general public. I wanted to know what the more discerning audio listeners were more fond of. I was introduced to some good introductory floorstanders and it's all just taken off from there. I didnt buy them, but thought i would be patient and do more research.


Looking forward to learning from everyone!



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I started off in a shop in Melbourne with a sound stage where he said to just trust my ears.

Out of 12 or so speakers I narrowed it down to Paradigms having good sound for my ears. But this was almost 10 years ago now. I don't know what else he had but I've sort of just blindly followed this brand since then.

Klipsch sounds great too but haven't heard them side by side.

I can't recall the shop I went to unfortunately but a HiFi sales store will show you more range than the Bose/Sony/Sonos range and you can hear for yourself. Everyone has different tastes

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Hello Hungryben. Agree with the Hifi store exposing me to great ranges. You can seriously lose track of time in those places with the friendly sales staff showing you all the great gear without hesitation.

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