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Guest scumbag

SOLD: FS: Telefunken  7DJ8 matched pair NOS (2 tubes)

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Guest scumbag

Item: Telefunken  7DJ8 matched pair NOS (2 tubes)

Location: Brisbane

Prices:  $120 including postage. see here for reference.


Purchase Telefunken PCC88 / 7DJ8 - in stock and ready to ship!


Item Condition: NOS. Writing is about 30-40%. Unused. Original boxes.

Reason for selling: Surplus.

Payment Method: Pickup & postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3%)

Extra Info:

Up for sale, 1 set of Telefunken  7DJ8's made in West Germany. I believe these were made by Siemens for Telefunken but they do not share the same sound signature of the 6922/CCA Siemens. They have a slightly larger halo than the earlier Telefunkens but I don't think you'd pick a difference in the sound.

The Telefunken Diamond 6V / 7V tubes have gained quite a following. The 7DJ8 is a drop in replacement for most 6V devices (6922, 6DJ8, 6N23P etc). They operate at a 7V plate voltage which in my experience does give a different sound to the 6V equivalents and it is also meant to lengthen their life span - especially in devices that have a tendency to drive tubes hard. The 7Dj8's have a bit more of a laid-back sound than the 6DJ8 equivalents. - treble is not quite as pronounced, midrange is very smooth. 

I prefer the more dynamic 6DJ8 variations in my setup to my tastes but the 7DJ8's are great tubes!


Unused tubes. Clean pins.






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11 hours ago, David.Masilamoni said:

Hi Mark, I’ve sent you a PM





I have both variants of these tubes and I agree with Mark's comments.


I have bought tubes from Mark in the past - buy with confidence.

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