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Hush Box material, MDF, Particle board or plywood

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Hi all,
I recently got a Christie projector which is huge and with very very loud (>60 DB) noise. Basically I need to use a noise cancellation phone to watch movies. So I'm planning to build a hush box. 

So basically the shape of the hush box will be 1.2 meters by 0.9 M, height 0.55M. Well, this will be just a rough figure. Since it's so huge, I don't want to hang it above my head as the lens is a short throw lens. It will be put on a cabinet instead.

It will be a generic hush box which air flows as 'S' through the box.

Now it's time to choose the material to build the box, for best soundproof/rigid purpose. Those materials are available from Bunnings:

1. MDF, which it has 25mm think and 12 mm thick. If I choose 2 12mm board, put some damping material (such as a used tower) in between, is it going to be better in reg to soundproofing? I'm just worried using 12mm board, it might not be strong enough.
2. We also have 19mm particle board, stronger than the 12mm MDF I believe.
3. And 17mm ply wood, which looks pretty strong.

Not sure how do you find similar thickness ply wood/particle board/MDF, which of those material is the best for soundproofing?


interior of the box I will try some different material to test the outcome. i.e. acoustic foam, acoustic mat, towels. I heard towels are actually very good on sound absorb.

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Thicker the better obviously when your talking sound transfer through. 12mm would be fine. 


Denser the better, so which ever is heavier would probably be the best. But i bet the difference would be so small its not really worth worrying about.


IMO the choice in building materials comes down to how you want to construct it. If you want a bit easier then use Plywood and glue and screw. But you will have screws showing.


Or use MDF and glue and clamp. no screws showing.


You could also countersink and fill the screws or cover with a veneer.


You could add another "S" bend in the mix and a quiet fan or two to pull the air through the baffle.





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Thanks guys.

Yesterday went bunnings alexendria and got some 25mm MDF boards. Very heavy stuff yet I think for the size, could be the thicker the better.

Bought a Gunnersen 1200 x 2400 x 9mm Acoustic Pinboard, planned to use it to cover the base underneath the projector.

Bought 2 ultra low noise fans 200mm from Amazon.

The lining, I'm planning to use different options to see how's the outcome:

  • Acoustic Foam Wedge Tiles
  • Bath towels
  • Maybe in combination with the acoustic pinboard or some other 10mm acoustic rubber foam



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