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FS: iFi iCAN Pro Professional Tube/Solid State Headphone Amplifier/Preamp

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Item: iFi iCAN Pro Professional Tube/Solid State Headphone Amplifier/Preamp

Location: Brisbane
Price: $1999 ono Express post included - see my other ad for iFi Pro iDSD (Combo deal)
Item Condition: Excellent "as new". Bought from AUS store 3/10/19
Reason for selling: NLR upgrading to Auralic/Luxman combo
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only


The iFi iCAN PRO is a high-performance device and is a perfect studio-grade audiophile line-stage and headphone amplifier. There are two individual parts in this device which are solid-state and tube amplification sections.
Studio-grade Headphone Amplifier
The Studio-grade Headphone Amplifier of the Pro iCAN outputs >10V in the single-ended mode and 20V in the balanced mode. While the 20V mode of this device is equivalent to 100W into a 4 Ohm speaker. Also, this device is adjustable from 0dB/9dB/18dB that allows it to work efficiently.
Audiophile Line-Stage
The Audiophile Line Stage is integrated with the ‘6-Track’ version with four tracks that is used for a truly balanced volume control. This device can work perfectly in both balanced and single-ended mode. It is often used at home or in various expensive hi-fi systems as it has three single-ended, one balanced input, one balanced and one single-ended output.
Tube/ Solid-State Real-time Switching
The Pro iCAN headphone amplifier has a tube stage that allows it to work in two different ways. With the use of General Electric 5670, the headphones provide premium variant with a different pinout. Also, this device has two individual input circuits; one tube and another solid state that results in giving a high-performance.
Class A Solid-State, J-FETs and Fully-Discrete
The Pro iCAN has an individual solid-state amplification section that is executed as the tube amplification section that promotes smooth functioning. This device is fully discrete and fully balanced with a tube or J-FET input switchable. It has a ‘tri-brid’ circuit that minimises drawbacks and is considered as pure DC coupled which prevents from using any sonically-degrading coupling capacitors.


 Gain:    0dB, 9dB and 18dB user-selectable
Frequency Response:    0.5Hz to 500kHz(-3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD, Balanced/Single-Ended):         Balanced    SE
Solid-State:    ≤0.0015%    ≤0.005%
Tube:    ≤0.002%    ≤0.005%
Tube+:    ≤0.012%    ≤0.2%

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR, Balanced/Single-Ended):    >147dB(A) / > 137dB(A)
Output Power (16Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended):    >14,000mW / >4,800mW
Output Voltage (600Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended):    >23V / >11.5V
Input Voltage (Pro iCAN):    DC 9V/6.7A – 18V/3.35A
Input Voltage (iPower Plus):    AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:    ≤ 22W idle, 50W max.
Dimensions:    213(l) x 192.5(w) x 63.3(h) mm
Weight:    1.93kg (4.3lbs)
Test conditions:
Gain = 0dB, 0.775V(0dBu) with 300 Ohm load unless stated otherwise
SNR Balanced re 23V, SNR SE re. 11.5V    












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      The small screen on front moved about half a millimetre to the right i think from shipping to me, it maybe has been stood on its end when shipped - probably easily fixed with taking the lid off and repositioning does not affect anything but wanted to mention and i don't like taking covers off just in case screws scratch so has a slight blue straight line coming from leds behind screen, hardly noticeable and dropped price to cover 1-2 hours to fix.
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      Valve-swapping ('tube-rolling') is of course possible with this.
      The fit and finish of the CTH are exemplary and its neat dimensions means that it doesn't occupy much desk-space.  The surface finish is a satin black that doesn't mark easily from fingers. 
      The connections have a quality feel also. It has both a normal 6.3mm jack and a balanced (4 pin XLR) connection.
      The original packaging is good quality and makes for easy and secure posting.
      Drop (formerly known as Massdrop) current pricing is US$250 plus shipping and of cpurse the Gerry Harvey import tax (10% or so).
      Useful links:
      Head-Fi link
      Massdrop link

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.s

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      Item: Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier and MIT 330 0.6m stereo input cable
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      Item Condition: Virtually new - used less than 8 hours
      Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements
      Payment Method: Bank Transfer
      Extra Info: Purchased on impulse as a possible upgrade.  Maybe not an upgrade but a genuine surprise to find that with unbalanced input it sounded identical to my Violextric V281 connected in balanced mode.  I was told it would "burn in" but I did not observe that in the few hours I tried it out.
      My appraisal it is as good as the Violectric is with good foundation because I had both amps going at the same time with each connected to Sennheiser HD800S headphones with the same after market cabling.  I merely changed over headphones in a matter seconds to compare the two with the AQ from classical. jazz and pop.
      So here is an amplifier for the audiophile without a balanced setup that will sound as good as a Violectric V281 in balanced mode.
      Another advantage is its small size and the fact that running on battery, heat and ventillation are not an issue.  It could even be used in portable mode away from a power point.
      I have not registered it so the buyer will have new warranty.
      The price in  the USA is $USD3000 (which is $AUD4400 before GST)for the amp so I'm selling it, virtually new, at less than half price so it is a genuine bargain with MIT input cabling thrown in.  I'm not keeping it as the Violectric is doing the same job and my main headphone listening system is set up for it - no advantage for me to keep the Vero and sell the Violectric.  And I must confess to having been lazy about selling it - it has been sitting on the shelf unused for over 12 months but it is tinme for it to go to someone as a nice Xmas present!
      You can read more detail about the amp at https://mitcables-buyersclub.com/products/vero-hca-50ex-headphone-amplifier
      Feel free to PM me with any questions.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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