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SOLD: FS: Denon HEOS Link Series 1: streamer/DAC/Preamp - SYD

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Item: Denon HEOS Link Series 1: streamer/DAC/Preamp 
Location: Sydney (inner west)
Price: $200 rrp $600 at the time, going rate for the Series 2 is $400 so I think this is a good price. Pick-up best, but can post at buyer expense. Donation to SNA when sold
Item Condition: Used but no scratches or marks, see photos
Reason for selling: I have been hoping to upgrade my AVR to one that supports HEOS but hasn't happened. Instead of storing it and forgetting about it I think it's best to sell it on to someone who will use it.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: I had it in a seldom used second system with some power monitors (RCA out can be set to variable or fixed) and it did a great job and has plenty of inputs, see the spec page 
https://usa.denon.com/us/heos-link-series1 and online manual http://manuals.denon.com/HEOSLINK/ALL/EN/OKNRSYvnefnfwl.php. There are so many ways to play music on this thing, usb, optical, NAS, PC, mobile's library (not blue tooth by Wi-Fi) AUX in and control it all from your mobile. I have the trigger cable, black ethernet and IR extension cable also. So if you have a Marantz or Denon AVR this is a great way to go multi-room. Note there is a subwoofer output too.


Thanks for looking :)


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      Item: MARANTZ ND8006 Network CD player
      Location: Brisabne
      Price: $1400
      Item Condition: As new
      Reason for selling: Upgrading
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash | Shipping - PayPal (F&F) or bank transfer.
      Extra Info:
       This CD network player is in excellent condition being only 18 months old and is still covered by manufacturers warranty. It's easy to use with HEOS built in allowing you to stream music directly into your system - you can even use it as a preamplifier! 
      Any questions let me know.

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      Not very experienced with audio and want to add streaming to a second hand hi-fi system:
      Rega Elex-R + Elac 244.3
      I’d like to do it as cheaply as possible without completely killing the audio quality of the system I have.
       I’ll use Tidal or Deezer as advised (or Spotify) for my music source. 
      Ive been told the HEOS 2 ($599) is a good enough system. Next step up I think is blue sound (?) and then Cambridge CXN (v1 is on sale) but the Cambridge is double the price ($1100 + $150 for blueetooth).
      Has anyone got experience with the quality of using HEOS Link as a DAC?
      (Or or should I sell the Rega and get something all in one? I’m told this is not a good path generally.)
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      Item: Denon Heos Music Streamer & Pre-amp
      Location: Sunshine Coast
      Price: $195 In Shipping to Metro Cities (RRP$599)
      Item Condition: Very Good
      Reason for selling: Too many streamers
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 3%
      Extra Info: Ive owned this for about 1 year and its worked brilliantly ever since. I was able to compare the digital output to a Sonos Connect and I chose the Denon to use long term and sold the Sonos, just had an easier and more solid listen and I have mainly used this as a Spotify Connect transport. That said I've been under using it because it has both digital and analogue inputs for use as a pre-amp and a trigger to power on an amp, its a really versatile piece of gear.
      Has access to all of the main streaming options like Tidal, Spotify etc. plus Tunein Radio.
      Comes with original box and accessories, happy to ship at buyers expense.

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      Item: Denon HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker (Brand New in Sealed Box)
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      Price: $550
      Item Condition: Brand New in Sealed Box - 12 months warranty
      Reason for selling: Received as gift
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, can ship interstate
      Extra Info: 
      Brand new Denon Heos 5 still sealed in the box. Received this as a gift but I don't need it so it's up for grabs.
      RRP AU$689.00
      The Heos 5 HS2 proves an entertaining listen. It’s a two-way speaker design, with dual tweeters and woofers, powered by four Class D amp modules. There’s a passive radiator for pronounced bass.  While it makes a valiant attempt at sounding stereophonic, the end result can be a bit funnelled. You can always pair it with a second Heos 5 to create genuine stereo, but the cost will most likely be prohibitive. Perhaps unhelpfully, Denon doesn’t publish technical specifications, but we can confirm this compact table-topper has admirable grunt. 
      NEW High Resolution Audio Support NEW Bluetooth® Integrated Absolutely amazing sound from a discreet and stylish powerhouse Two custom-designed tweeters, mid-woofers and a passive radiator powered by four dedicated Class-D amplifiers Handle allows easy portability wherever you need great sound   I can ship interstate, it should be around $25-30, might be extra for WA.


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