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HiFi Collector Adelaide

SOLD: FS: PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Preamplifier / DAC Black

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Item: PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell analog preamplifier and DAC with HT bypass Black
Location: Bridgewater, SA
Price: $1995 plus postage (RRP new is $2895)
Item Condition: Traded in - excellent condition, 24 months warranty, original packaging and accessories
Payment Method:  Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer
Extra Info:

The Stellar Gain Cell™ combines the benefits of an exceptional analog preamplifier and a full-featured DAC. Fully balanced analog circuitry from input to output, the Stellar Gain Cell builds upon years of research and innovation in the art of Class A analog amplification and state-of-the-art digital reproduction. Together, or separately, they create an extraordinarily rich, full-bodied musical experience few standalone products can match. The Stellar Gain Cell is the perfect foundation for those unwilling to compromise sound quality. Rich. Lush. Powerful.


Class A balanced analog preamplifier
DAC with USB, Coax, Optical, I2S 
Class A headphone output
Remote control
2 output 12 volt triggers
Analog preamplifier

One balanced analog input
Three single ended analog inputs
Fully balanced input to output
Balanced XLR analog output
Single ended RCA analog output
Home theater bypass
Direct coupled without any capacitors in output signal path

DSD direct through I2S (with PS Audio DMP)
192kHz asynchronous coax input
384kHz asynchronous USB
96kHz asynchronous TOSLINK input
Single and double rate DSD
CPLD input (FPGA) lowers jitter, waveshapes, reduces propagation delay
High current class A hybrid output stage
Passive output filter lowers transient distortion


High Current oversized analog power supply
7 voltage regulators
High speed power supply diodes
Massive 15,000 mFd low ESR capacitors
ESS Hyperstream






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