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Damaged Dynevector Karat 23R

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Hello all,

About 20 or so years ago, a friend gave me his "faulty" Dynevector Karat 23R (head-shell mounted) and a MC pre-amp (not high quality - home made ?). He was going totally digital and parting with his TT and vinyl collection.

This cart, in a box, sat in a cupboard until just recently when I though I'll try it on my Grace G707 (see another post of mine regarding this arm).

After setting it up as best as I could on the Grace, I played some records, but audio (good as I could tell) came from only the LEFT channel - nothing from the RIGHT.  After checking everything, I have concluded that the Dynevector is indeed the faulty component and not the inter-connects or pre-amp.

Removing the cart from the head-shell, I carefully did some fault-finding. The LEFT coil DC resistance is 30ohm (as measured with a DMM) which I believe is correct but the RIGHT measured an open circuit. I double-checked this a few times but same result.

On inspection under a professional microscope, the cantilever, tip, internal tiny wires, and everything looks "perfect" so I assume the coil itself is open. The coil (armature) is hidden and not visible and is not accessible without some micro-surgery and possibly damaging things further. I do have micro-electronic "surgery" equipment but it looks like the cartridge - inner case, magnets, wires etc are bonded together with an epoxy or some other material.


Does anyone know if this can be fixed or even parts of it (like the beautiful ruby cantilever and diamond tip ) be removed and re-used?. Does it have any worth to anyone?



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Yes, @amsmart, there are people around who can replace coils:

  1. Soundsmith (USofA) will be able do this.
  2. Also a guy by the name of Dominic (Northwestern Analogue in the UK) ... although I must admit I had a bad experience with him, when I sent my Benz LP to be retipped ... so I can't really recommend him.  (Others do, though.)
  3. Then there's a Russian (Latvian?) guy who's been mentioned on these pages - hopefully some other vinyl heads will know who this is ... and mention him.



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