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SOLD: FS: Original Vintage Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Washing Device

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Item: Original Vintage Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Washing Device
Location:  Lindfield, NSW
Price: $70
Item Condition:  Like new - hardly used - except for the box - it was made about 20 years ago!
Reason for selling:  I have a VPI record cleaning machine
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:  This is the German-made - pre-unification (says Made in W. Germany) - original version of probably the most economical record cleaning device on the market!


  • Cleans 7", 10" and 12" Records 
  • All fluids etc are supplied in the box.
  • Manual Record Cleaner. This is a very cost effective wet cleaning system for LP’s.
  • Supplied with Full instructions and 1.0 Litres of Cleaning Fluid
  • Easy To Use
  • Excellent Value
  • Extra Cleaning Fluid Easily obtainable

Submerges a record in a bath of cleaning fluid.

The principle is simple, two discs with a 100mm diameter, clamp each side of the record's label, thus protecting it during cleaning, this then rests in a groove at the top of the rectangular cleaning bath, the bath is topped up with supplied cleaning fluid, the record is then rotated around its central axis. As the record passes through the bath, two sets of brushes clean each side of the album. Once you’re happy with the results simply remove the record and centre clamps, and place your clean album on the rack to dry. Because the cleaning solution contains wetting agent, records dry without smears. When cleaning is complete, pour your used cleaning fluid from the bath through a filtering funnel back into you cleaning fluid bottle for re-use.


Read Marc Rushton's reveiw here:  https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-knosti-disco-antistat-record-cleaner

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      Hi all,
      I’m after some advice about a new turntable. I have so many questions but I’ll try to keep this post to the essentials at the moment.
      Basically, I’m after turntable, possibly vintage, of reasonable quality. I’ve got approval for $300 from the wife but I reckon I could push her to $400 without too many issues. I’d be playing these through a pair of Dali concept bookshelf speakers and either an 80s era Yamaha amp (nothing special) or a more recent pioneer amp. A better amp purchase will come later. My music choices will be rock/indie, all eras, a lot of modern stuff like Radiohead, the National, Bon Iver. Also a little bit of jazz.
      I’m quite handy with electronics and mechanical stuff so a vintage turntable doesn’t scare me with maintenance. I service my own guitars and amps just fine so I think I’ll pick it up alright.
      I’m currently looking at a pioneer pl-15r for $260 that has been serviced by a guy in Adelaide that sells a lot of vintage gear.
      There’s also a pioneer pl-15d for $150 but this would need some work to get it right.
      Are these worth it? I keep reading about getting a project debut on the forums but an all manual turntable scares me a bit. I’m the kind of guy who will put a record on and then get distracted by something and leave the thing spinning for hours so an auto return deck seems to be the right fit for me. Unless you all say I’m an idiot and the project is so much better than the pioneer that I’d be stupid to consider anything else.
      I've also got my eye on a dual cs505-2 in good nick for $175. These seem to be a bit more complicated and may not be anything special anyway.
      Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. I don’t need audiophile quality or anything, just something that will sound good and I won’t outgrow in 6 months.
      Thanks, sorry for the essay,
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