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Galactic Soap

FS: Rega RP8 TT + TTPSU + Funk Firm Achromat

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Item: Rega RP8 TT + TTPSU + Funk Firm Achromat

Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches
Price: $1400 $1,500 + Fees + Shipping 
Item Condition: 8/10 - See description below
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This is a relist: I original sold this TT  a forum member in April however there was a fault with the Power Supply. He returned it to me for cash. The good folk at Kimmel Electronics fixed the Power Supply fault (wiring issue) and I'm listing it again. Please note it doesn't come with the Clear Audio MM cartridge as it was found to be worn out. 


Original for sale thread can be found here: 



I flirted with the idea of getting into vinyl a year ago but due to a combination of system constraints and time-pressure it's something I decided not to explore. 


I will be using a DEQX PreMate Plus for room and speaker correction shortly. This means that in order to experience the speaker and room correction benefits of the DEQX I'll need to rely on a digital signal. While I know I can feed the DEQX the analog signal from the RP8, the fact that it will go through an analogue to digital conversion, before going through the reverse via my DAC leaves me with a little bit of cognitive dissonance. This coupled with three little, inquisitive kids about the house means I've decided to put my vinyl plans on ice. 


This particular RP8 was purchased from Audioconnection via Ebay. I paid $1,800 for it. It comes with the following additions:


-RB808 tone arm

-TTPSU Power Supply

-Blue Funk Firm Achromat


The turn table itself is in great condition, except for the acrylic cover. The cover has scratches and swirl marks and would need to be replaced. Ebay tells me you can get a lovely one for about $250.  Unfortunately this unit does not come with factory packaging. 


I have factored in the state of acrylic cover and the lack of packaging in the price. I think it's bit of a bargain, but hey - that's just me! 









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15 hours ago, Galactic Soap said:

I think it's bit of a bargain, but hey - that's just me! 

I think you’re exactly right... damn that’s cheap.

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good gosh thats a bargain. thats only few hundred up from a rega for this sort of money ! amazing bargain ! 


ps I bet you in the right hands any swirls scratches in the dust cover would be buffed back ! that said most many take cover off for use anyways ! 

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Along with my Yggdrasil, my Rega RP8 with Apheta cartridge is a keeper. GLWTS. It's cheap !

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