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FS: Sansui SR-212 Vintage 70s Turntable - Restored & Upgraded

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Item: Sansui SR-212 Vintage 70s Turntable - Japan - Professionally Restored & Upgraded
Location: Sydney
Price: $450, open to reasonable offers
Item Condition: 
Very Good, recently serviced/restored/upgraded and working.
Reason for selling: No longer required
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I recently inherited this Sansui SR-212 turntable , which is of 1970s vintage and is made in Japan. The turntable employs a unique multiple suspension/insulation system to eliminate howling ( it has a suspended sub-chassis design). 


The deck is in really nice condition, no major blemishes to speak of. Even the lid is in good condition, no cracks and the hinges also appear to be working fine.


It did need some minor repair work to get it up and running, so I engaged Chris from Spin Doctor Music here in Sydney to repair/restore the deck for me which he did very well.


In the process the following upgrades were also made to the deck :

  • Brand new drive belt
  • Brand new Jelco HS-25 cartridge shell was purchased and installed onto the tonearm
  • Brand new Ortofon 2M Silver MM phono cartridge was purchased, installed and aligned
  • Brand new AUS power cord was installed


Initially I thought I might use this Sansui TT in a second system, but It turns out that I won't be making use of it after all.


So , it's up for sale now to someone who can make use of it.


Everything is in good working order, including the arm cueing and auto-return mechanism. Platter speed has been tested by Spin Doctor Music and is accurate and stable at both 33.1/3 and 45 speeds.


Some more info and general specs on this turntable are available here:



Note of course that this one has the Ortofon 2M Silver cart and Jelco headshell upgrades. The Ortofon 2M Silver seems to sit between the 2M Blue and the 2M Bronze in the Ortofon 2M lineup.  I will also provide the original headshell and also the (probably very worn out) original SC-37 IM cartridge.


I don’t have any boxes or packaging for the deck, so I would prefer local pickup from Sydney.


I've also got the original operation manual for it.


The new Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge and Jelco HS-25 headshell together alone would cost over $400 RRP. 


Buyer will need to add their own RCA-RCA phono cable to connect the deck to an amp/phono stage.


Local pickup Sydney only. COD payment is easiest, or happy to receive a bank/BSB or PayPal Friends transfer before pickup.

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.











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Update on price - open to reasonable offers.

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2 hours ago, Sir Rab of Everest said:

omg, this was my family turntable when i was a teenager! Great memories...


- r

I’ve still got ours.


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Cool.  Good to hear stories of others having the same Sansui deck. 


I just don't have the space for a second TT in the house, otherwise maybe I'd hang on to it. 


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