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New cartridge for Grace G707 tonearm

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Hello all,

Turntable: Rega Planar 2

Tonearm: Grace G707

(Both 1980s, excellent condition)


I'm looking for a replacement MM cartridge for my Grace G707 (which has a non-replaceable headshell). The original cartridge, an Ortofon VMS 5E MkII broke recently (tip broke off completely).

Looking for something that will be compatible with the G707 and perhaps a step-up in performance. Budget ~$500Au or so.

I've looked at Ortofon 2M Bronze but don't know if are suitable or compatible with the tonearm

Any recommendations or advise?

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I am going to put a vote in for the AT95ML that I use.    Haven't checked mass/resonance though.  Plug the figures into the calculator on vinyl engine before going ahead, whichever you decide.

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Why not try a Grace vintage cartridge? After all, they were made for this arm. Particularly the F8C but anything from the F8 range or an F9 or if you want really top shelf, any of the Level II range that use the F8 body (extremely rare and pricier).


Sure Grace carts are rare but they're out there and they're magic! The F8's are at prices within the budget of the carts that you are considering.


Consider the real deal below.😉


An F8L (FR: 5Hz-35kHz) @ $Au254.00:



An F8M (FR: 5Hz-35kHz) @ $Au212 incl. postage....better than F8L and cheaper:



An F8E (FR: 10Hz-45 kHz) @ approx. $Au490 incl. postage:



Worth considering but good luck with whatever you decide.👍

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Consider a Garrott P77i, the original P77 matched well with the arm. My brother has an Ortofon MC20 MC on his G707 mounted on an early 80's Rega Planar 3, sounds great, does not give much away compared to my early Rega Planar 2 with a current Moth arm and Ortofon Quintet Blue MC cartridge

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17 hours ago, wen said:


Thanks for everyone's reply. 
I'll probably go a AT VM540ML (suggested by DeepEnd and others elsewhere) due to its close compatibility, excellent reviews, under budget and its available at my local vinyl shop, a quick bicycle ride away.
I looked into the other suggestions - I'm  a little dubious of paying quite a few hundred $ for a used cart from a supplier on the other side of the world. Have been bitten before! Thanks Stevoz.
Re wen, the Garrott P77i  and MCs are over my budget unfortunately. Could not find any MC20s for sale.

Thanks for the suggestions and explanations.
I'll post back with my results.

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