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Classe' CA 401 2-Channel Amplifier

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Item: Classe' CA 401 2-Channel 400w Amplifier
Location: Len Wallis Audio, HQ
Price: $4000
Item Condition: Excellent Secondhand Condition
Payment Method: Credit Cards, Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer, ZipPay with up to six (6) months interest 
Shipping: Anywhere in Australia, POA
Extra Info: The CA-401 is balanced from input to output, resulting in a greatly enhanced signal to noise ratio, lower induced common-mode distortion, lower distortion overall, and freedom from grounding problems. The power supply of a CA-401 includes a massive, shielded toroidal transformer. For each channel we use a large collection of small power supply capacitors. Small capacitors "drain" and "refill" extremely rapidly and completely, supplying all the power required when the source demands it, with no bounce or overshoot. The fast, clean power supply allows us a higher degree of accurate voltage regulation at all stages of amplification. Thus no matter what program material is being played, at no matter what level, the voltages at all amplification stages remain completely stable. The oversized, fast, very high current power supply allows the amplifier to deliver the full current and voltage required to even the most difficult speaker load. The CA-401 delivers sound which is clean, liquid and effortless. Imaging, with the better recordings we all enjoy listening to, is both wide and deep. In fact, imaging seems real and human, without the artificial hard edges so common in lesser amplification. (taken from the Classe website at


Rated output power:    8 Ohm load 400 W (1600 W)
Stereo (mono)    4 Ohm load 800 W (2400 W)
Frequency response:    20Hz to 20KHz –0.1 db
Sensitivity:    2.0 Volts in for rated output
Input Impedance:    75 KOhm
Output Impedance:    0.01 Ohm
Gain:    29.02 db
S/N Ratio:    137 dbr
THD + N:    0.002%
Power consumption (idle):    360 W
Dimensions (mm):    w: 482 x d: 584 x h: 241
Weight:    59kgs 





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