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ViaBlue SC-6 Air Silver Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs

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Item: ViaBlue SC-6 Air Silver Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs 3 meter pair
Location: Melbourne
Price: $1199 plus postage $999 including Australia wide delivery
Item Condition: Ex Demo
Payment Method: Bank transfer, PayPal
Extra Info: As new condition, including box



SC-6 Air Silver Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs

No expense spared and unbelievable build quality.


  • 6 main conductors
  • Total section of 15 mm²
  • Chemically pure copper
  • Silver and tin plating
  • High quality all metal T6s banan plugs with 24K gold plated pins
  • Very flexible considering its size
  • Made in Germany
  • Custom order of any lenght available

Copper, Silver and Air

6 circularly arranged separate conductors, each isolated from one another, with a total cross-sectional area of  15 mm² transfer the entire audio range with absolute purity. Each of the six main conductors are further divided into six sub-conductors with an air tube at the centre of each sub-conductor. The six sub-conductors are paired two by two with each pair having different properties. This is to ensure optimum conditions throughout the entire audio spectrum, with the high frequency carriers being silver plated, mid frequency carriers are tin plated and pure copper is used for the bass. The sound is lifelike and natural with breathtaking spatial separation and precise placement of instruments.



One of the most ideal insulators we know of is air, and this is why it is so extensively used in this top of the range cable. 10 specially arranged air pipes separate each of the inner conductors, greatly reducing the capacity to only 98pF/m. This state of the art nearly loss-free transmission of audio signals results in impressive sound, even over long distances. The SC-6 AIR Silver speaker cables are manufactured with ViaBlue T6s pin (banana) plugs. A soft banding and a flexible satin mat sheath protect the entire cable system.

SC-6 AIR.jpg

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The Via Blue SC-6 speaker cable.. an infinite number of times better than the Kimber 12TC it replaced. Via Blue cable makes the Kimber sound very blurry. Very nice cable for the money. Compared it with the top shelf $8K a pair speaker cable from CablesFM on loan. Slight improvement with the CableFMs, but nowhere worth 8 times the money. 20190721_151432.jpeg20190308_183955.jpeg20190721_151400.jpeg

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      Fantastic digital cable by Chord Company.
      This cable is  approximately 3 months old, having received a brand new unit from the Chord Australia dealer and was a great addition into my system - cable barely run in. Was used between my Mutec MC3 and Devialet Expert.
      RRP for this cable is $1600.
      Comes with the original packaging and tax invoice can be also provided.
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      Payment can be made by cash on pickup or PayPal as a friend or add fees (4%). I will include shipping Australia wide at my asking price and will be well packaged.
      Also interested in swaps for Audience Au24 SE Speaker Cables. 


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      Item Condition: Used = Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: Teneriffe State: QLD Payment Method: Paypal Cash Reason for selling: NLR - going different direction For sale is this wonderfully musical and smooth headphone amplifier from ALO. Truly a king in its class. I got this from a fellow SNA member and he had lovingly cared for it and amassed a great collection of vintage tubes (described below) to roll for different signatures. The amp is in full working order. The output from each headphone socket is the same and you can run all four at the same time to easily A-B. There are three RCA inputs also, so this is a fantastically neutral tube amp to do comparison testing on. Every store should have one!
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      Built For Life
      Uncompromising quality in build and design. Conservative part ratings and circuit design. Translates into effortless, under-stressed operation, extended tube life and long-term amplifier reliability. An obsolescence-proof piece of audio equipment, A timeless design built to last a lifetime.
      Reference Amplification
      Class-A Single-Ended Triode (SET) circuit design with zero-feedback and 100% tube amplification. Designed for resolution of fine musical details, expansion soundstage presentation, and lush tonal quality.
      Totally Tubes
      Only vacuum tubes with established reputations for sonic virtue are in this design. Selecting tubes that are now and will continue to be available in the global audio marketplace.
      Pure Power
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      Designed For Headphones
      A proprietary output stage accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 8 to 600 ohms, with ease. The Studio Six drives many pairs of headphones with no sacrifice to fidelity. The ideal amp for shared listening sessions.
      Colour    Black
      Headphone impedance compatibility range    8 Ohms to 600 Ohms
      Maximum rated output power    1,000 milliwatts into 8 to 32 Ohms
      Amplifier input impedance    95k-Ohms
      Amplifier input Voltage for full-rated output voltage into various headphone impedances    1.00V RMS input for 4.0V RMS output into 16 Ohms
      1.30V RMS input for 5.7V RMS output into 32 Ohms
      1.70V RMS input for 7.5V RMS output into 75 Ohms
      1.85V RMS input for 8.3V RMS output into 150 Ohms
      1.70V RMS input for 8.2V RMS output into 300 Ohms
      1.65V RMS input for 8.1V RMS output into 600 Ohms
      THD+N (1kHz input) at 1V RMS output into stated load impedances    32 Ohms 0.26%
      150 Ohms 0.12%
      THD+N (1kHz input) at 250 milliwatts output into stated impedances    32 Ohms 1.0%
      150 Ohms 2.0%
      Frequency Response -3dB (Referenced to 1kHz, 250 milliwatts output) into stated impedances    32 Ohms 6.0Hz to 39kHz
      150 Ohms 16.5Hz to 36kHz
      Frequency Response -1dB at full-rated (2.83V RMS) 1,000 milliwatt output into 8 Ohms    15Hz to 20kHz
      S/N Ratio    78dB (unweighted) below full 2.83V RMS output into 8 Ohms
      Fuses    100/110/120 = 1.25 Amp / 250 Volt
      220 / 240 = 6.30 Amp / 250 Volt
      http://www.tonepublications.com/MAGPDF/TA_057.pdf page 89
      The tubes are:-
      Sylvania 6SN7W metal base (Bought new for 175 pounds and not used much) - great tube!
      Mullard ECC33 (Bought new locally for AUD$250 and not used much) - great tube!
      Ken Rad 6SN7GT black glass (Very good condition) - like the Ken Rad for bass.
      Brimar 6SN7GT black glass (Used)
      GE 6SN7GTB (stock)
      Power tubes:-
      Philips JAN 6V6GT blue letterings
      Philips JAN 6V6GT green letterings
      Brimar 511/6V6GT brown base black glass
      RCA 6V6GT smoke glass
      1 Mullard GZ34 Blackburn factory - both bought new from a local seller. 
      1 JJ Electronics GZ34 (stock tube)
      4 pairs of Raytheon
      1 pair of Mullard
      You will have more than enough tubes. No need to hunt for more tubes. 🙂
      Rolling 6SN7, 6V6 and rectifier makes the most difference.... in that order. There are Raytheon and Mullard OB2 and you'll not find much difference between them.
      You'll have 2 very good drivers and they are very pricey. The Sylvania 6SN7W metal base and Mullard ECC33. Besides there are Ken Rad 6SN7G black glass and Brimar 6SN7GT black glass. They give different tones that can be easily heard.
      Sylvania 6SN7W metal base - Very clear, good soundstage and a pretty tight fisted bass.
      Mullard ECC33 - More spread out, more refined and subdue but astonishingly clear. It's a typical British kind of tone.
      Ken Rad 6SN7GT - One of the best bass. Warmer.
      Brimar 6SN7GT - A lighter version of the Ken Rad but a nice variation.
      Amongst the 6V6GT that are included:-
      RCA 6V6GT smoke glass - Typical RCA smoke glass that actually sounded similar to the RCA 6SN7GT smoke glass. Warmer, lusher.
      Brimar 511 / 6V6GT - Like the Brimar 6sn7gt, these are much clearer than the RCA. You'll like these.
      Philips JAN 6V6GT blue letterings - You'll like these too. Seems to be the variation in between the RCA and Brimar.
      Philips JAN 6V6GT green letterings - Quite similar to the blue lettering. Difference is slight.
      People have used Cossor 53ku wide glass, GEC U52 and Mullard GZ34. Cossor has the most bass impact. GEC U52 is very clear and a very good rectifier but so expensive. Tom's recommendation is to stick with the recommended GZ34 and you'll find the Mullard GZ34 blackburn factory ones very good and at a price much less than the Cossor and GEC.
      It's a wonderful journey with the Studio Six. 

    • By Minimalfi
      Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Wollongong State: NSW Payment Method: EFT, PayPal plus 3% Reason for selling: No longer required Further information:
      Really well made cables with a great sound. I was impressed with bass and high end detail. 
      Q2’s inner Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductor is surrounded by an outer spiral of 11 strands of LGC. The result is AQ’s new flexible Solid+ Concentric Conductor, with sound quality even closer to that of an ideal solid conductor and yet big enough to make a great cable with only two conductors. The two conductors (+ and -) are spiraled for minimum inductance (inductance makes sound seem out of focus), and maximum clarity and dynamics. This ideal cable is then given a sexy, square, deep black outer jacket.
      Nice review here
      PS Audio

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      Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: VIC Payment Method: PayPal EFT Cash on pickup Reason for selling: NLR Further information:
      Practically brand new! mint in box. Used once to make sure it works. Came with NDX2 which is sold. Save on RRP. 

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