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Long story short I need to sell my large home set up and replace it with a headphone set up.
I have tried almost every top headphone and while I liked the Utopia and Arya with the chord hugo, the Stax SR 009s paried with the Chord Qutest and srm-t8000 blew my mind. The detail and the way it presented the music really was life changing. This is coming from a strong PMC floorstanding set up at home.
The problem is the price of the SR 009s, there are many SR 009 selling second hand for HALF the price.

So does anyone have strong experience with trying both in order to provide me with some information that could help?
I also here there is strong recommendations for the 3rd party amps.. but that can be for another discussion

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    • By Soul Superfly
      Item: STAX SRM-T1 & STAX LAMBDA Headphones
      Location: Goulburn NSW 2580
      Price: 1200.00 inc postage mainland Australia, You pay insurance if required.
      Item Condition: Excellent Perfect Working Order.
      Reason for selling: Not Using
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer
      Extra Info: Sadly I have not been using these since I had new foam inserts and earpieces fitted to the headphones and the energiser serviced by an electronics firm. I hate to see it sitting there unused so the time has come to sell. The sound is gorgeous. There is also a brand new Stax Pro extension lead. I have never used it other than to test it. These are the Pro headphones and leads with 5 pins, dont worry though you are able to use non Pro headphones as there is another output for these. I have never tried it as the Pro is the best. I would prefer local collection, if posted I will double box and use plenty of packing to keep the contents in their pristine condition. Price is ONO so make your offer but sorry I am not looking for any trades. If posted I will pay the postage at the asking price,  You pay insurance if required. From a NON Smoking Environment.






    • By Audionutz
      Item: Martin Logan Summit
      Location: Gosford Nsw - an hour North of Sydney
      Price: $5500
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Change
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus fees, COD Only
      Extra Info:
       Simply stunning. Twin 10” active bass drivers with twin 200w amplifiers in each cabinet.  24Hz bass in-room blends seamlessly with the panels. 90db means 50 (good) watts of amplifier (valve or solid state) will drive these. Extreme transparency along with explosive dynamics makes these truly full range, world class speakers. Considered as one of the best loudspeakers available today, the ML Summit combines state-of-the-art XStat electrostatic technology with PoweredForce bass for staggeringly realistic sound.
      I don’t have boxes or manual for these, but I’m happy to assist with packing & shipping.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Mach3
      I'm looking for a decent pair of speakers. Got a possiblility of acquiring a pair of Stax speakers model STAX ELS F-81 Electrostatics.
      Anyone know what they are worth these day in good condition visually and fully working, have been serviced.
      I've got a REL Strata II that I'm likely going to pair them up with.
      Any help much appreciated
    • By migasson
      Item: Stax L500 headphones with SRM-252s energiser
      Location: Kilsyth South
      Price: $999 free freight
      Item Condition: excellent, as new
      Reason for selling: not needed
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Selling all my HiFi gear - seriously the best sound I’ve heard via headphones. Box for the phones, no box for the energiser- receipt for both. About 3 months old.

    • By davm
      Hi All.
      For a while now I've been using a Stax SR-3030 set-up with my home office PC using normal audio out. The SR-3030 is a combination of the SRM-313 amp and the SR-303 earspeakers.
      I recently purchased an Audioquest Dragonfly Black second-hand from the for sale section here at Stereonet to get better sound than the standard audio out jack.
      When I plugged the Dragonfly in I thought it was a nice improvement so I've been experimenting a bit more.
      I downloaded the demo version of Audirvana for Windows to give it a test. The combination sounded great -- far better than I expected.
      Then I started reading about VST plugins with Audirvana and came across a plugin from ToneBoosters that offered equalisation for different headphones, including some Stax models. They don't have a profile for the SR-303s but do have one for the SR-404s which are very similar (in fact there was a lot of discussion whether they were different at all when they were released).
      I must say, the combination sounds impressive for what is a fairly modest set-up. Very impressed with the sound of vocals, remarkable clarity and naturalness. The Stax headphones are doing their magic, but they need a good input to really sing and this combination is doing that:
      Dell PC > Audirvana for Windows > ToneBoosters Morphit VST plugin  > Audioquest Dragonfly Black > Stax SR-3030 headphones
      The Stax headphones aren't necessarily modest, but I did buy second hand so not hugely expensive.
      The Morphit plugin has profiles for a lot of other headphones as well.
      Very happy indeed 🙂
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