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SOLD: FS: 2 pairs Audioquest FLX/DB 14/4 speaker cables terminated

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Item: Audioquest FLX/DB 14/4 speaker cables terminated - 1 pair 3.5m with solid copper / silver plated spades. Other pair 2.4m with solid copper / gold plated.


Price: 3.5m pair = sold. 2.4m pair $75 posted.

Item Condition: Not my neatest work but all connections etc are perfect.

Reason for selling: Can't use them in my amplifier.

Payment Method: Pickup or postage =PayPal (as a friend or add 3%)

Extra Info: I dug these cables up when doing a cleanup around my office. I made them up a while ago when I have my Pass Labs XA30.8. Sad news is, the new speaker terminals on the XA25 are the fancy euro ones designed by the nanny state. Which means that the spades on the ends of both these cables are just a bit to wide to fit into the protective plastic sleeves on the speaker terminals.


I made both these sets of cables using Audioquest 14/4. This is a great no-nonsense cable that uses 4 substantial  runs of OFC copper per cable - so you combine this to make a positive and a negative of about 11AWG each. I then used a good quality sheathing to finish them. There are 2 different types of spade on the cables. The shorter pair use chromeaudio solid copper spades with very thick gold plating. The longer pair use some solid copper spades with silver plating. I treated the silver spades with deoxit gold. Ends of conductors coated very lightly in Mapleshade Silver Silclear to ward off oxidisation. All connections are high pressure - no soldering.


These cables give my Wireworld Equinox cables a bit of a run for their money, within reason. Ultimately not quite as extended as the Wireworlds and they have a bit more midrange energy (that's not a bad thing). Overall, they tip slightly towards the bass from memory so that might suit a slightly bright system. 




2.4m pair:


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Can I purchase the 3.5m pair = $80 posted. I live in ACT.


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