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New to Home Theater - Suggestion for setup

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Thanks guys.. yeah I had heard older sets of paradigm and fits in my budget but not finalising on units yet


just looking for answers to start with build time


15 hours ago, its said:
  • In this space - to go projector or not?
  • Wiring needed and spots to do so. How to terminate them in wall at each location?
  • To Keep TV and not to keep. I won't want to spend money on new one as current one is 65" X95G which is pretty new. Concerned about viewing distance of 4.5-5m but won't spend to get a bigger TV. Rather spend it on the setup. 
  • To do a bulkhead to get the screen out and drop infront of TV or not to keep and just attach it to wall
  • Where would i need power for motorised screen? top right or top left or both sides? 
  • How does the wall colour look in the pic above? We think its right balance between daily use living room + dark room movies.
  • 5.1.4 should be enough for this room / me thus wiring for it?



12 hours ago, its said:

Looking at this speaker set


  • Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F Floor-standing Speakers
  • Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C Centre Speaker
  • Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Bookshelf Speakers
  • Paradigm H65-R 6.5” In Ceiling Speaker
  • Paradigm UltraCube 12 650w 12” Subwoofer


Do no speakers go behind the projector / sofa? All go in front with the ceiling speakers on top? Just to understand where should I wire behind? top or bottom


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My HT is in a constant state of upgrade without funds to do so. 

I'd personally suggest the NAD t758 v3 or its bigger brother the 777. However they only amplify 7 channels albeit very well. So a 5.1.4 setup needs 2 extra amps. Either good amp to run fronts or smaller to run ceiling speakers. NAD have a 4 channel amp which would run ceiling speakers nicely then fronts could be bi-amped, I believe the NAD allows  this.

Alternatively as your seating position is well back, maybe just 2 ceiling speakers omitting the need for extra amps. Of course you could go Yamaha or denon etc with 9 amps but the NAD really seems better with Dirac live.


If I were in your position right now start auditioning speakers for what you like and get what you like. Get a NAD receiver and run 7 channels 5.1.2. Leave the screen and projector for now. Cable for everything up to 5.2.4 or even 7.2.4 and projector. Extra ceiling and surround speakers can be added later with extra amp channels and projector.


Edit. Just found out about a new NAD coming, the 778. 9 channels amplification which solves my issue of wanting 9 channels for 5.1.4. Coming in November rrp though is 5k AU.

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