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FS: Stello DP200

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Item: Stello DP200 DAC/Preamp


Location: Sydney (2073) or Bathurst (2795)


Price: $400 ono. RRP (2006) $3750AUD.


Item Condition: Very good.


Reason for selling: Too many preamp/DACs and trying to upgrade/rationalise/simplify.


Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer


I purchased this unit from another SNAer in 2014 and has been used in my study ever since.


The unit's transformer developed a short-circuit in the transformer shortly after receiving the unit and was repaired by Art Vandelay with a 240v only transformer. Art Vandelay also recapped the unit with ELNA caps and replaced the regs with Belleson regs and did something clever with input voltages to the DAC section whilst conducting those repairs. It's a better than original and lovely sounding and flexible unit and has performed flawlessly since. There is one scuff mark on the top surface of chassis just above the display. It was like that when I received it and is difficult to appreciate until you get on the right angle. This model has no phono stage or ADC installed in case you are wondering. HT bypass can be selected on any input as can 24/192 upsampling. Also has digital out. It is built like a tank. Have original box and happy to ship at buyer's expense. Lowballers will be politely ignored.












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Hi everyone,


Thanks for all the interest. An interested party is going to take the unit home for audition, so will call it sold pending payment for now.


Will pm those who've responded if sale falls through.


Thanks for looking,



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The Art Vandelay of Vandelay Industries?

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Art's real name is Dave. Not sure about Vandelay Industries. I haven't had any contact with him for several years but he lived/worked on the North Shore in Sydney. I'm not sure if he's still active in the forums.


He wrote a review several years ago on an ME amplifier which I think is one of the best audio reviews I've read up until then (or since) on SNA:




He is a nice bloke who was happy to help out another forum member with his time. He did all the repairs/mods for the cost of the parts only. I was very grateful as I recall that I'd only had the preamp turned on for about 15 minutes before it failed from the transformer issue.

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