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anthony vinyl

SOLD: Benz micro wood SL MC cartridge

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Item: benz micro wood sl
Location: blue mountains
Price: 1400 
Item Condition: newly refurbished by benz . see extra info
Reason for selling: nlr
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 4% , transfer
Extra Info: story . purchased this not too long ago to compare with my others carts. it had approx 100hrs on it with a fastidious owner. i played it for a couple of hours , preferred my other cart , took it off the arm and thought i would smartly hide it from my cat - who likes to knock objects off height . placed it under my cd player , the magnetic force of which lifted it so quickly from my hand i couldn't stop it. bent the cantilever and  after trying it on an LP lost the stylus . very unimpressed. it has since been to benz in switzerland and is fixed and tested by them - as new. these retail around $2400.  am not sure whether the whole incident means i am meant to keep it but i did have original  intention of selling it so have decided to let it be someone else' gain . a great opportunity to get a really nice cart for a substantial saving . please note headshell not included.

Benz Wood SL Specifications
Output: .4mV
Stylus: 5x120µm
Impedance: 12 ohms
Loading range: >100 ohms
Weight: 9g
Compliance: 15cu
Tracking force: 1.6-1.9g


on box.jpg

3_4 view.jpg

close side on.jpg

closer up.jpg

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Hi, how did you manage to get it repaired by Benz factory? Could you share contact details?


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      Pictures: I only have one pic handy which doesn't show the needle. I'll upload additional photos on the weekend.

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