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Thi Nguyen

FS: Accuphase P1000 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Item: Accuphase P1000
Location: Perth
Price: 7500
Item Condition: Excellent (Some minor marks on handle from moving)
Reason for selling: Experimenting with an Accuphase Class A Amplifier
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Hi All,


Up for sale is my beloved Accuphase P1000, unfortunately due to this deep rabbit hole called "Hifi" I am looking to sell my Accuphase P1000 to try out an Accuphase Class A Amp - there's obviously no guarantees that this is going to sound better, however I am going to take the leap of faith based on my taste of music.


The unit is fully boxed and is in excellent condition except for some wear and tear marks on the corners of the handles . It sounds amazing!!! If you're in Perth and would like to have a listen/audition, I can guarantee it would be very hard to leave without the unit. The unit is an original factory 230V machine and not converted from 100V.


The unit is a 50Kg beast (60KG boxed), so the preference would be to sell it locally here in Perth, however I am open to shipping it interstate


Beautiful Piece of Equipment.


I currently have this paired up with my Accuphase DC330 Preamplifier which is also up for sale (also upgrading this to a separate Accuphase Preamp and DAC ) - Happy to do a deal on both if bought as a combination


Specs below.




Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.







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Magic gear Accuphase!  Beautifully built to last a life time.  GLWTS.

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I love the two large scale and Speaker plugs almost bigger than volume control ... Sooo Smooth , Accuphase A50V similar image and classA.

just wondering which speakers you're running with? never stop chasing sound even Porsche 911 .

I like your Hifi Rack,,,Hollywood

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Hi Chopstick, currently running these with a set of Sonus Faber Amati homage, they sound beautiful! Thanks for the kind comments!

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      bought a while ago and has had about 2 years  of use. 
      top of the line model, Rrp $999.
      compact class D so runs cool and fits anywhere, will drive any sub.
      have a new baby so don't need a sub in the car now.
      good condition but some writing is rubbing off the Top, I used some sort of cleaning polish that stripped the printing a bit. Sorry. 😢
      Amp is about the size of a decent hardcover book by the way, so could be posted for $30 odd just about anywhere.
      also have a Type x subwoofer (driver only, box got damaged) I'd do for $250 with the amp (their best dual voice coil sub) or $300 separately. Currently have the driver in storage so can't take pictures of it at the moment. Here's a link for your perusal though.

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      Total Power 1500W Max
      Number of outlet 5 Australian Socket
      Total Power Amp supported 250 watts into 4 ohm 2 channel class A/B
      Input 220~240Vac to output 220~240Vac balanced 50hz, 6.5Amps peak continuous current delivery.
      Dimension (mm) : 288 x 285 x 142 (including footers)
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      Item:  2 x LSR4312 15" Subs, 2 x LSR4326P monitors.
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      Extra Info:  These were state of the art in studio monitoring some years ago. Fully active system with 6 inbuilt Class AB amps. Has all sorts of analog and digital inputs , RMC room bass equalisation , can be CAT5 networked to be controlled simultaneously .
      In "flat" mode they are true studio monitors, very accurate and detailed, but with a bit of inbuilt EQ they  sound very nice and very dynamic . Great sound-staging and imaging , excellent bass from the 2 x 15" active subs. 
      Just add a good tube preamp and they sound REALLY GOOD . List price new was around $6000. Comes with manuals and all cables . 
      A few negatives though- JBL put a protective film on front of speakers and it goes sticky over time. Its been removed, but some discoloration of the front panels has occurred.  One of the 4326P monitors has less output than the other. Fortunately they have independent level controls and adjustment can be made for equal level. It's about 5dB difference, but adjusted they sound perfect. I believe JBL have a pretty good service if buyer wanted to have fixed, but they work great as is. 
      I've had them running for a few days as they were in storage, and no problem, but sold as is. 
      Do your research on web - JBL LSR4312 and JBL LSR4326P - they have a good reputation for studio use, and maybe not appreciated for stereo, but they do sound excellent with a good preamp.  Keep an eye on them and the date, you could get a real bargain, must be sold. 
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      Item: 64 Ears U18T
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      Item Condition: 9/10 - MINT
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I don't think I've seen a pair of U18T's for sale on Stereonet and for good reason. Just over a year old and purchased from Minidisc in mint condition. I've only used one pair of tips as per the picture. 
      I didn't expect to purchase the U18T's I fully expected to walk away with either a pair of Empire Ear Legend X's or Tia Fourte's. Feeling a little dismayed at the Legend X's over the top bass (Í'm a bass head who loves his House and Techno but even I thought they were a bit over the top), and the Fourte's tipped up/hot treble which I found fatiguing within 5 minutes.
      I auditioned the U18T's as a bit of an after-thought, thinking I'd hear them purely for the sake of completeness. I expected them to be linear, transparent and that's about it. Well. Yes, they are all of those things...and more. The U18T's are incredibly musical and within 2 minutes I turned to Wing grinning from ear to ear. Since then I've been floored by the sound-stage, resolution and musicality. Incredibly resolving but never analytical, bombastic, beautifully defined bass. They really are the real deal.
      The only reason I'm selling them is because I have access to my own office since opening up my own business where I've gone rather over the top and put in place a desktop system with enough power to drive my Abyss TC's as per the picture below. Other wise nothing I've heard in the IEM space comes close to my tastes. 
      Lastly I'll include the stock 64 ears cable (which is okay at best) as well as an ALO reference 8 3.5mm to 2pin which I found a material improvement. 




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