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SOLD: [ADL] Panasonic Viera Plasma VT30 65" - Price Drop

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Item: Panasonic Viera Plasma VT30 65"
Location: Adelaide Hills
Price: $450 $350
Item Condition: Very Good
Reason for selling: Upgraded
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: Great TV, has served me well and worked flawlessly.  Full model number TH-P65VT30A. Currently wall mounted but will be sold with original stand. 3 sets of 3D Glasses.




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    • By ThirdDrawerDown
      Hi, tonight I tried to use our 49" Panasonic Viera to talk through a couple of interesting internet pages with my wife. The large screen means it's easier to talk about something, but ugh! the interface.
      Is there a usable interface designed for human beings that allows input into the internet search function on a smart TV?
      Is there a silver bullet for using the internet on a TV?
      or should I buy a shotgun and shoot the TV as being a joke by Panasonic's engineers? Because the interface is rubbish.  Here's what happened:
      - I used the search bar for google. This involves using the remote control's navigation functions. Tedious: the world's slowest mouse speed.
      - the keyboard is an on-screen thin that has four rows and a hunt-and-pack "click on the letter" approach
      - the web result often crashes
      - to scroll down in a web page means going below the bottom of the screen. Error message appears.
      - "page load" crashes.
      We were using the remote control as the input device. I haven't tried these options: a plugged-in keyboard. An Apple-specific app (We don't do walled gardens. We don't do apps, in this house we use "programs". We do use Windows and Linux.)
      Is there a usable interface designed for human beings that allows input into the internet search function on a smart TV?
    • By eckoflyte
      Item: Panasonic ST60 65" Plasma 3D TV
      Panasonic's final generation plasma TV. Arguably one of the best plasma TVs released before they were discontinued. In terms of picture quality and black levels, no LCD on the market (including new 4k with full-array backlit design) can match it in terms of picture quality aside from OLED which is very expensive. This TV is the early 2014 model.  Does not come with a box so it is PICKUP only. Have all the accessories (manual, pair of 3D glasses and remote)
      Location: NSW Campsie 2194
      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: Like New
      Reason for selling: Moving overseas indefinitely in the next few months.
      Payment Method: Pickup Only - Cash

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