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SOLD: FS: Linn Majik DS/1 music streamer black

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Item: Linn Majik DS/1 music streamer black
Location: Manly NSW
Price: $900 (plus postage and Paypal fee)
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: no longer used - I'm more into vinyl and CDs again
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct deposit
Extra Info:


I bought this unit in May 2013 from a dealer in Germany. The streamer is in perfect working condition and looks almost like new. It comes in the original box, with Linn interconnect cable and remote control (unused).



·         Original factory fitted Dynamik Power Supply

·         Supports digital formats up to 24-bit 192 kHz

·         Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming

·         On-board volume control allows direct connection to a power amp

·         Analogue outputs for connection to pre- or power amps


More info: https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Majik_DS


I prefer local pickup, but am happy to post. Price includes donation.









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Just a few months too late for me! Was looking for one like that and ended up with an Akurate DS instead. Very happy with mine.


Linn build lovely streamers and they still support all their very first versions from the early 2000's with firmware upgrades!



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Yes, these streamers are beautiful. Linn is a traditional business that's proud of their long history, with great customer service and exceptionally long support of their products.


It was a tough decision to let mine go, but I just didn't use it enough. It's time for the Majik to move to a new home.


Have fun with your Akurate!

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    • By **ZEP**
      Item: COCKTAIL AUDIO X50D + 2 x 2TB WD Black HDD's
      Location: Melbourne (Bayside)
      Price: $2,650 OVNO
      Item Condition: Spanking
      Reason for selling: Upgrade
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only
      Extra Info: To be honest this is a fantastic piece of Audio Equipment. Its one of the best all rounders I've ever owned! it does everything - Ripper, Streamer, Storage, Transport, CD Player, Video Output....Full Specs are here. https://www.mirandahifi.com/products/cocktail-x50d Selling due to upgrade.
      Silver in Colour - Special Factory order....Full Australia Power Supply compatible - NOT a US import.
      Original BOX and Papers.
      Additional Wireless USB Network Adaptor Included.
      NON Smoking and Pet Free Home.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.



    • By Mikety
      Item: Auralic Aires with Linear PSU
      Location: 2450
      Price: $1350 including postage 
      Item Condition: very good 
      Reason for selling: no Android version app
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I have just purchased from a friend, but just known it doesn't support android phone. Don't want to change phone to use it so let it go.
      No original box but will pack securely to post.

    • By stoobleh
      Item: Pro-Ject Stream Box RS + Amp Box RS (both with high spec linear power supplies and tube upgrades)
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $2400 (pick up) / $2450 (shipped) 
      Item Condition: Excellent !!! (no marks or scuffs)
      Reason for selling: $ (hence the sharp price)
      Payment Method: Direct transfer, PayPal (friends), Pickup - Cash (Alexandria or Caringbah)
      Extra Info: Used very lightly. Ace condition. Not a mark on them. Smoke free, pet free. All those good things.
      This combo is great for the minimalists out there or as Darko would say Kallax fi.
      For those of you who have a high end set up already this pair would make a great second system. 
      I have tested the amp with Focal floor standers and it handled the test with ease. 
      The free app from Pro-ject works really well. Tidal and Spotify integration.
      Both Streamer and Amp have original boxes for shipping.
      Whats included:
      - Pro-ject Stream Box Rs (inc remote but I only used the iPhone app)
      - Pro-ject Amp Box RS
      - Linear Power supplies for both components inc IEC's
      - DC link cables to linear PSU's
      - Genelex Gold Lions x 2(Cryoset)
      - Reflektor 6H23P x 2 (Tube Store)
      - Electro Harmonix x 4
      Streamer pre amp uses the renowned Burr Brown DAC and a tube output stage (6992's). 
      Was purchased new from Apollo Hi-Fi in Sydney.
      Has analog input to feed a turntable (via phono stage) or CD player straight in.
      Streaming from your computer does not sound like this!
      Tidal and spotify integration using the free Pro-ject app on iphone or iPad is good.
      Streamer includes switch mode psu and custom linear psu from Swagman with Nuvotem transformer. Certainly makes a difference!
      Cost around $300 from memory. 
      The Amp linear power supply is crazy good build quality. Great components and provides a lot of extra output from the amp.
      Bass control is sublime with this amp PSU combo. The tubes add a lovely rounded finish to to the sound.
      The Amp power supply is worth $650 alone (I know, but it provides a lot of extra output for amp) 
      I've taken the lid off both units to show how clean and well kept the units are.
      Taken loads of photos for you:


      Edited July 13 by stoobleh

    • By gyro
      Item: Antipodes DX G2  Black
      Location: Sunshine Coast QLD
      Price: $4,400
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Not being used
      Extra info: It has a 2TB SDD containing around 91Gig of flac files.  Has switchable power inputs (115V or 230V)
      A review: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-dx-music-server/
      The only reason I'm listing this is I use a Bacch4Mac dsp and it only runs on Apple gear   https://www.theoretica.us/bacch4mac/ ......I eventually and reluctantly gave in.
       If I wasn't addicted to BACCH  I would NOT be listing this server.  It cost me just over $9K,  It's  coming up to 3 y/o.  I want to buy some other hi fi gear and the DX is not being used.    It has all the features mentioned in the antipodes review above except it has only usb out.  Mark Jenkins decided (at the time) to provide only what he considered the best output.  (earlier versions had AES/coax etc.)
      This is the best sounding server I have ever heard.  Mark Jenkins is the master at this stuff.   His approach to radically reducing electrical (and mechanical) noise without interfering with signal (achieved through not filtering) makes this one box server one of the best in the world.... and no spinning HDD's here, only separate SSD's.    
      This thing is so versatile yet so easy to use.  You don't need to be a level one computer programmer to use it.
      It rips CD's in paranoid mode before storing to the drive. If you don't want to use it as a ROON Core you can playback using Squeezbox Server...controlled from your iphone (eg. Ipeng) or the app: "Orange Squeeze" for your Android device).  USB ports at the rear of the DX enable easily backup your valuable files to an external drive of at a click of a button (see the apps tab in the review above.)
      Basically the DX is a fantastic sounding Server that's easy to use.  Its a fantastic way of keeping your CD's on file and transitioning to the world of streaming, where you can select any track at the touch of a button.
      I have Roon for life and love it but I should mention that selecting and setting up free to air (global) digital radio stations is FAR easier on the DX (via squeezbox) than it is on Roon! You can also have both
      No cat or dog hair, I'm not a smoker, was always used with power regulation (PS Audio P-10).  
      Feel free to pm (pers message) me if you want to ask specifics,  arrange a listen etc.

    • By SoundGuy
      Item: Cambridge Audio CXN 
      Location: Perth SOR
      Price: $880
      Item Condition: As New 10/10
      Reason for selling: I need help  
      Payment Method:  bank deposit, paypal pay a friend
      - Purchased from dealer a couple of years back. 
      - Reviews here: 
      Local pick up preferred but happy to post at buyer’s cost 
      PS. The Torus is also for sale. PM me  if ur interested. 

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