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Does anyone out there have advice for a newby to the vinyl school trying to find that sound I had in the early eighties from a Luxman system with Yamaha NS690 III speakers.  They are monitors and I still have them although one of the mid range and possibly a tweeter has been blown.  I have thought about having them repaired (as I can get the parts), but I am considering if there is something out there comparable.  I have a pair of ELAC 2.0 5.2 bookshelf speakers and they are OK.  I have been pretty happy with them but I miss the clarity I recall from the Yamaha's.  I have tested the ELAC's on a few of my 'test' tracks like Elton John's Song for Guy and Fleetwood Mac's Landslide and they sound nothing like the clarity of the Yamaha's.  Is it the fact that the Yamaha's are considered monitors?  They are as sharp as a tack which may not suit a lot of people but I do love the clarity which I have been unable to get from the ELAC's even through an Ortofon Quintet Blue on my MMF7.1 turntable. And what about the 2 way / 3 way difference in modern speakers - does that mean less clarity or is it just a tech advancement that means we get more from mid range now.  So confused atm. 

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comparable is never the same, repair the yamaha's, you can always move them on , i had a pair of mission 770s bought in 1983, when the amp from the same era blew up, i replaced it in 2005, did not suit the speakers, bought new speakers, then many different amps till satisfied with the sound, put the missions back in the system, they were good , but, not as good as the new speakers so i sold them 

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