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Speaker upgrade

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Does anyone out there have advice for a newby to the vinyl school trying to find that sound I had in the early eighties from a Luxman system with Yamaha NS690 III speakers.  They are monitors and I still have them although one of the mid range and possibly a tweeter has been blown.  I have thought about having them repaired (as I can get the parts), but I am considering if there is something out there comparable.  I have a pair of ELAC 2.0 5.2 bookshelf speakers and they are OK.  I have been pretty happy with them but I miss the clarity I recall from the Yamaha's.  I have tested the ELAC's on a few of my 'test' tracks like Elton John's Song for Guy and Fleetwood Mac's Landslide and they sound nothing like the clarity of the Yamaha's.  Is it the fact that the Yamaha's are considered monitors?  They are as sharp as a tack which may not suit a lot of people but I do love the clarity which I have been unable to get from the ELAC's even through an Ortofon Quintet Blue on my MMF7.1 turntable. And what about the 2 way / 3 way difference in modern speakers - does that mean less clarity or is it just a tech advancement that means we get more from mid range now.  So confused atm. 

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comparable is never the same, repair the yamaha's, you can always move them on , i had a pair of mission 770s bought in 1983, when the amp from the same era blew up, i replaced it in 2005, did not suit the speakers, bought new speakers, then many different amps till satisfied with the sound, put the missions back in the system, they were good , but, not as good as the new speakers so i sold them 

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      Item: YAMAHA M-2 Power Amplifier, 240WPC @ 8 Ohms, 240v multi-voltage unit
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $1100
      Item Condition: 8.5/10
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, PPF
      Extra Info:
      This M2 power amp has served me well for a number of years and never missed a beat, cosmetically it is pretty neat considering its age (see pictures), all lights working and the green LED VU meter is a treat!
      I've had the speakers terminal upgraded and the new ones are pretty chunky and work well with banana or spade terminals. 
      I've been in two minds about selling it, but it is finally time for some one else to enjoy it!
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      Item: YAMAHA CA-2000 Integrated amp
      Location: Sydney
      Price: 1200 plus postage if required.
      Item Condition: Excellent working condition.
      Reason for selling: Reduce my collection.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: This beautiful vintage Yamaha amp CA-2000 was imported from Japan audio shop for my Yamaha ns-1000M and just having played a couple of times then sitting back on the shelf gathering dust, hence it time for someone who love the natural sound of this serious seri of Yamaha amp to enjoy it. This amp can be run on class A  30 wpc at 8ohm output, very impress sound, deep base, very clear sound stage. The amp is in excellent working condition, never been repaired or restored, all the electronic components are original, outside no scratches, no marks on the cabinet, front face very clear and clean.
      Note: This amp is 100v need a step down transformer to run.
      Link for specs: 
      Model Stereo integrated amplifier Effective output (0.03%, Aux) 20Hz to 20kHz: 140W + 140W (4Ω, Class  
               120W + 120W (8Ω, Class  
               30W + 30W (8Ω, Class A) 
      1kHz: 180W + 180W (4Ω, Class  
          130W + 130W (8Ω, Class B ) ) Total harmonic distortion (20Hz-20kHz) Phono1, 2 → Rec out (5V): 0.003% or less 
      Phono MC → Rec out (3V): 0.03% or less 
      Tuner, Aux → Pre out (3V): 0.005% or less 
      Main in → SP out (60W, Class B, 8Ω 😞 0.01% or less 
                 (15W, Class A, 8Ω): 0.005% or less 
      Tuner → SP out (60W, Class B, 8Ω): 0.01% or less Power bandwidth (0.03%, 8Ω) Class B: 10Hz to 50kHz 
      Class A: 10Hz to 70kHz Damping factor 45 or more (8Ω, 1kHz) Frequency characteristic Phono 1, 2 MC (RIAA deviation): 
      - 15kHz ± 0.2dB Tuner-Pre out: 5Hz-100kHz +0 -1dB Tuner-SP out (8Ω load): 5Hz-50kHz +0 -1dB Input sensitivity (rated) / impedance Phono 1: 2mV / 47kΩ, 68kΩ, 100kΩ 
      Phono 2: 2mV / 47kΩ 
      Phono MC: 50μV / 10Ω 
      Tuner, Aux: 120mV / 50kΩ 
      Main in: 1V / 50kΩ Maximum allowable input (1kHz, 0.02% distortion) Phono1, 2: 310mVr.ms 
      Phono MC: 7.5mVr.ms 
      Tuner, Aux: 20Vr.ms Output level / impedance Rec out: 120mV / 600Ω 
      Pre out: 1V / 500Ω Tone control characteristics Bass (125Hz⇔500Hz): ± 10dB (20Hz) 
      Treble (8kHz⇔2.5kHz): ± 10dB (20kHz) Subsonic filter 15Hz, 12dB / oct High filter 10Hz, 12dB / oct Noise level / SNR (IHF-A Network) Phono1, 2: 82dB 
      Phono MC: 71dB (input 50Ω short) 
             68dB (input 0Ω short) 
      Tuner, Aux, Tape: 100dB 
      Main: 118dB Residual noise 0.07mV or less <Meter part> Instruction range -50dB to + 5dB response speed 100μs Return speed 0.95sec <Others> Power supply AC100V, 50Hz / 60Hz Rated power consumption 300W External dimensions Width 461x height 170x depth of 360mm weight 20kg  

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By migasson
      I’m a recovering audiophile😂 the best thing ever did, was stop being one. When I look back at the money I’ve spent because I was continually disatisfied, it makes my eyes water. Then I discovered studio monitors, and I was done. My setup is now Focal Alpha 65’s with a Yamaha WXC-50 streaming preamp. Maximum inputs, streaming, and a speaker that goes clean down to 40hz. Bass and treble controls on the back, mean I can tune the sound to the room. (Audiophiles will say “oh no, you can’t have those it upsets the purity of the sound. Bollocks😂) Bear in mind, I’m in a near field situation. 
      I turfed all my records, record player, Stax gear, etc. 
      Files I use? AAC off Apple Music. Only costs me $11 a month. Tidal? Once you drop the audiophilia, it’s quite liberating for your mind, and your wallet. My system comes in at $1299 AUD and my OCD has disappeared 😂😂
      Yes, that’s a Nintendo Switch. And an IKEA cabinet. That cost me $139 (cheaper then a hifi shelf😂) and the Focals sit on $8 Bunnings decking isolation pads😉

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