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JH Turntable advice

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I've just acquired a JH turntable for free and could use a steer on getting it sorted and running. The owner bought it new in 1974. Does anyone have any idea what model this is? (obviously google hasn't helped with finding manual).   


Keen on getting it going. The owner (my neighbour) is non-techie but he said they'd taken it to Carlton AV here in Melbourne, and they said there was an issue with the wiring in the tonearm. Advice was the cost to fix was too high for the unit.  


I've plugged it in and run it through my amp; sounds fine although I had to manually rotate the disc. I'd like to get a manual or something with detail on the internals to see if I can get it living again. 


Some questions for the forum (obviously I've googled first with not a great deal of luck on this specific machine):


  1. I need to replace the belt but not sure what the correct size is - any suggestions? The existing belt is really overstretched so I can't use that as a gauge. 
  2. I don't get how the 33/45 speed change works. Looks like you pull the spindle up to change speeds, I'm assuming it's moving the belt on to a smaller pulley. Would be great to see an image of how it's meant to look set up correctly so I can sort it once I replace the belt. Here's a vid: https://imgur.com/ivZxmGI
  3. The tone arm lever appears to be out of whack, again any suggestions on how it should sit? At the moment the arm seems to be coming up under the left side and I can't rotate it around without breaking it. 
  4. I'm assuming a new cartridge is in order, but can't find a source for info on what is compatible with that tone arm.


Would appreciate any steers to online info (not expecting the forum to do everything for me, but I'm a turntable newbie with 'beginners' electronics skills). 


cheers, pics below.

cartridge head.PNG

jh tt.PNG

tone arm lever.PNG

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Yes, the speed change works by moving the belt between the large and small parts of that black plastic pulley.  I would just move the belt by hand on the few occasions you'll need to change it.


That tone arm lever is the anti-skate and it sits on top of the little rod at the back of the tonearm.  You adjust the amount of anti-skate with the weight on the lever by the look of it.


I think this belt may be correct  http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/belt-for-jh-turntables/

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if you are into vintage gear, the cost is worth restoring and enjoying a piece of history, the JH is not the best but certainly not the worst by a country mile, many members own such models and may help as well, good luck

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