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Stock Quad 57's have always been such a classic speaker to me. The stock look is so iconic.

But having lived with them for about 10 years I've always wanted to get them at the right height and angle to my listening chair.

Logically speaking it is probably best to have the panels raised to around ear level and tilted slightly forward.


In the past I've put them on chairs and bricks to see what changes would occur, but have never found a good permanent solution.

I bet a whole bunch of you guys out there have probably done the same.

For 63's I found the speaker to be too low as well and the base of the speaker could be improved as the speaker is easily tilted if pushed slightly.


So to scratch this itch, and with the help of a CNC cutting machine - I made a prototype of the spider legs.

I'm about to fine tune the 1st prototype and cut the final version and finish off the speaker leg upgrade.

I'll probably find a nice hard wood and cut a few out and then move onto the next project.

If any one wants a set made send me a PM and I'll send some more pics and details once the final prototype if finished.












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Hi there,


Can you please let me know how much you would sell a pair of your spider legs. I am  from Vancouver, Canada 

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That looks really sweet...well done.

Thoughts on listening results are eagerly awaited 👌

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Sorry the delayed feedback Mr57.

I would classify this mod as purely speaker/room/listen chair positioning - probably the most vital initial setup phase. The leg dimensions are based off the blue print that is available on the web - posted to Teti on 25/6/2011.


Shout out to Teti if he every reads this - thank for putting this online bro.


The listening chair I use most is the Eames Lounge and Ottoman. After testing a few chairs - this chair is angled right and has a good height for hifi listening. But its not the most comfortable chair in the world. And long sessions result is a sore buttox.


After measuring the frequency response in my room - I know I will have a null if my ear is at 90cm height. So I generally try to be at either a little lower than this (around 85cm) or slightly above (100cm).


This puts my ear at the top 1/3 of the Esl57 panel.

So in my setup I would probably make the legs a little higher to put my ear at the center of the panel.

So legs that are around 20cm taller would put my ears dead center.

You will have to recalculate the middle leg for angle and also see how stable the speaker is.


Angle wise - its about right. Speaker doesn't tip over - is stable with the Teti blueprints.


Sound wise - in my mind the new height and angle is better than the stock Quad setup. The sound feels more open. I also can sit further away from the speakers so I don't have do use a near field setup to get the listen position right. Bass I feel is better. But the gains are not massive and the speakers sound signature stays the same.


Cost - I think it cost me around AUD$400-500 to get someone to program and cut the pieces out for me or a CNC. Worth? Sort of on the fence on this one. I used MDF to cut this prototype out and the final goal was to cut a set out with nice wood. But I didn't take it any further as I didn't think there was much to gain.


I would do it if the Quad ESL57 was your primary speaker and you plan to live with it / have it as your main setup for years to come. And also add a super tweeter and sub woofer as the end goal.


The Quad ESL57 will always be one of the great speakers of all time - but it is compromised. This leg upgrade does improve positioning - and that's about it. For me - itch has been scratched. No more upgrades for the ESL57 for me. I have the full set Quad II mono amps, and pre. Will never sell.


Hope this helps.






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Thanks for your reply...a nice read, always a pleasure to hear how people enjoy their 57’s.

Agreed mid panel/listening height gets the best from them, with careful tilting to finalise the setup.

Mine too an end game for me....too content to change.

Cheers. Jeff.

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