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Apple TV vs Movie Anywhere vs Amazon Video plus HDR vs Dolby Vision

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Whilst physical media is not bound for the Smithsonian yet, streaming has taken off in a big way and you can have your ice cream in many different flavours now..
The current main players in this world of movie streaming are
1 - Apple TV and the iTunes ecosystem
2- Google
3- Amazon Video
So, the million dollar question is are they all the same?
Well a friend and I decided to do an informal comparison.
He had access to VPN and we could use all three apps on my Sony, which can do very good HDR and Dolby Vision playback. It’s a light canon and you can read about my review below.
Also when we were comparing HDR vs DV, there was a difference... 
What about you? Do you feel the same? 
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Its interesting Pete that Amazon may be favouring their own products for streaming as evidenced by insufficient bandwidth messages that come up on competitor streamers 


Not to mention the current administrations attitude to  internet neutrality . Am enjoying Carnival Row though with dolby digital plus atm [not with a vpn though ;say no more ?

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Thanks, I got a less pleasant experience sharing this finding on AVS. Somehow, they couldn't accept the bit rates and that Apple TV fared worse..  

VPN is a useful thing when you wish to lock into the US shows.. it's really quite useful. 
As always YMMV ... 


I went to my friend to double and he confirms that he gets 60-80 mps on his Fire Stick... impressive numbers I'll say. 

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