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whats on the market ripper/storage/playback/streamer

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Ive been considering buying a ripper/storage/streamer to sit alongside my bw 805s & mcintosh 6900. My pioneer cd player crapped out after 20 years of good service. I havent yet come across an objective analysis/comparison of whats available in the mkt and would appreciate some feedback from members experienced in this. I want keep my system real simple and reasonable quality sound.


My primary interest is the Innuous Mini Mk3 at about $1800 or so, the Vaulti 2i was an interest but appears the Innuous better quality all round... am I right? Is there anything else on the mkt that does the lot in one piece of kit?


Is there an online resource that does side by side comparisons - surely there must me at least half a dozen of these on the mkt?


Appreciate the feedback.


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I actually went off and had a look after you posted this as I'm thinking about making a similar move into digital in the next year...not sure there is something similar that comes with a CD ripper.


Could look at the Marantz ND8006 (don't think it can rip CD's, but it can play them) or the Cambridge CXN V2 (no ripping capability though), but that Innuos has such great reviews and is so feature rich I'd also go there instead!


There are a few similar items, but they cost more...a fair bit more lol. Might be worth starting with reviews on The Master Switch and Darko Audio (half way down the page).


The Digital Sources, DACs & Music Streaming sub-forum might also have some suggestions.

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I can also give the thumbs up for the CXN. You do need to do your own ripping though, but this is easy done on a PC.


The good thing with the CXN is it has very decent quality playback (Good for your Mac if it has a built in DAC - I do something similar with my Mcintosh C2600). The main downside (for some) is it doesn't have ROON built in. It does have internet radio etc however, which is pretty good.


Controls are nice and it also has a nice looking screen to display your album art. Plays pretty much any container or format.


It also has an iPhone/ipad app to playback music but I'm not a big fan of it myself.


If you want a media player I can give it my recommendation, however if you want something ROON compliant, I'd look elsewhere.

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