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FS: Belkin AV powerboard

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Item: Belkin AV powerboard
Price: 120
Item Condition: used
Reason for selling:NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3% or as friend, COD Only
Extra Info: 8 way surge protected power sockets from reputable brand Belkin.

Photos: 8C327571-CA1F-4684-902B-4552171B763D.thumb.jpeg.c0d3f2b5e1a771c37011c39bb04670db.jpeg

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    • By A J
      Item: Vitus RI-100 Integrated Amplifier
      Location: Perth 6010
      Price: $6800
      Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 
      Reason for selling: Going Tubes
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: This amp is a powerhouse 300WPV into 8 ohms integrated in black with original box. It is heavy at circa 45kg so only looking for local buyers at this stage. I've got my eyes on another angle as my listening in this setup is mostly lower level so I'm going the tubes route if this sells. It's currently setup in my system so happy to demo to prospective buyers.

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      Item: Kimber HD19 2m HDMI Cable
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      Item Condition: Good (some scuff marks on the plastic sheath)
      Reason for selling: Not used
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      Extra Info:
      I wasn't a believer in expensive HDMI cables until I tried the Kimber HD19s and in my system it made a difference not only to the picture quality but the sound quality also.  Unfortunately, this cable is too short for the setup in our new home.
      Current pricing I found is around $250
      A description -
      Kimber Kable Silver Blend HDMI Cable
      High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables were designed to transmit digital signals, both audio and video. Digital sources such as DVD players, gaming consoles, cable and satellite TV require information to be relayed to displays or projectors rapidly and accurately. With an incredibly high bit-rate, HDMI was designed specifically to serve the needs of existing and forthcoming high performance audio and video equipment. To enhance the performance of today’s digital electronics, Kimber Kable maintains a commitment to preserving the integrity of these delicate signals. HD19 is HDMI v1.3 Certified with support for 1080p 60Hz and 24Hz, Deep Color, X.V. Color 7.1 Lossless PCM Audio, Dolby Tru-HD, DTS MasterAudio HD.

      The HD series was created using Kimber's OSCaR (Objective Subjective Correlation and Results) engineering process, which links scientific measurements to listening impressions. Kimber Kable has an exceptionally advanced testing and research facility.

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      tem: Musical Fidelity M6 DAC in excellent condition
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      Reason for selling: Clearance
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      Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost 
      The M6 DAC offers simply outstanding performance using the very latest, cutting edge conversion technology. Its flexible input connections allow any music lover to experience a level of emotion and detail in their music that is, so often, unrecoverable.
      Alongside the traditional AES and SPDIF connections (XLR and Coax/Optical respectively), the M6 features an asynchronous USB input connection suitable for a wide array of computer sources. In addition, the Bluetooth receiver allows many portable music devices to connect and play music too.
      Comes with remote control and manual 
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      Extra Info: M Hohner “The Echo Harp” Harmonica. Model-57/120 in keys C&G with original box. Box split at one end. This is the big version(21cmx6cm). Very hard to date but research suggests it’s after 1937. Plays beautifully with a lovely rich tone.
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      Item: cambridge audio dvd99 SACD player
      Price: $399 ono
      Item Condition:excellent
      Reason for selling:no more sacd for me
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:cambridge audio make nice stuff this dvd99 cost over $700 I'm open to offers plays burnt cd etc dvd well you can transmit 5.1 sacd via hdmi with this one so the sound is pretty good comes with remote will freight aus wide $30 thanks oh also does upscaling of video.
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