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Sampling rate vs output question

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12 hours ago, LHC said:

"Studies cited as contrary evidence did not address the physiological brain response to high-frequency audio, only the subject's conscious response to it." The new 2017 study adds to the 'physiological brain response' evidence,

Yes, I agree, this and other studies combining a behavioral and neurological response suggest perception has occurred. This had previously been demonstrated for "resting" or inactive subjects.


As noted in the 2017 study increased alpha activity is seen during a relaxed attentional state and thought to be a signifier of enhanced processing, and Beta activity has been shown to increase when arousal and vigilance level increase.


Kuribayashi and Nittono (2014)  found that "the difference between full-range and high-cut sounds appeared in the right inferior temporal cortex,  whereas  the main source of the alpha-band activity was located in the parietal-occipital region."


"The finding that the alpha-band activity difference was obtained in specific but not whole regions is suggestive that this increase may reflect an activity related to task performance rather than a global arousal effect (Barry et al.2007)."


In the 2017 study they felt that EEG and Event related potentials supported  high-resolution audio with inaudible high-frequency components "enhances the cortical activity related to the attention allocated to task-relevant stimuli."





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