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Item: Relist TRAM 2 DHT PREAMP
Location: Harcourt Vic
Price: Reduced to $1800
Item Condition: Very Good
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank deposit
Extra Info:

These preamps have a bit of a cult following.

They present a very transparent and holographic soundstage. 

This preamp has been rebuilt by a very competent technician due to dodgy mods.

I can supply a receipt for the work done $560 odd from memory.

It is now fully functional and operating as it should.

It comes with Limited edition globe 45 Emission Labs tubes which are now unobtainable.

Also an Emission Labs 274B rectifier.

These tubes are worth well over $1000  

But wait there's more...I will also throw in a spare pair of National Union  45s.

There are three different gain level inputs so it can be tailored to match  your system.

It also has a new Logitech Harmony remote that does volume only.

Auditions are encouraged.

A donation will be made upon sale.IMG_0097.thumb.jpg.f0e4aee979530454ee2c6daa78c980d7.jpgIMG_0100.thumb.jpg.629f6d7685fa1b7b1879f8b25d205273.jpgIMG_0101.thumb.jpg.bc9dae7507d37604d8c8c7c8c00ffbd3.jpgIMG_0096.thumb.jpg.9b7db1aed40de1b27f0428ebeb7e1cae.jpgIMG_0102.thumb.jpg.5de628d240b6deba1cd3b7439bf533fc.jpgIMG_0103.thumb.jpg.07078e9e28887fa596f954d898dd798d.jpgThanks for looking.

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