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FS: Audio Note OTO SE tube integrated amplifier

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Item: Audio Note OTO SE tube integrated amplifier
Item Condition:good working order
Reason for selling: 
too many amps
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

The item is in good working order and condition.  The amp recently was Refurbished. All capacitors  were checked to meet requirements.   

This is a Class A amplifier. Output tubes 4 x EL84 (6P14P,  etc), 10 watts per channel.

All four EL84 tubes of power amp are new.

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.













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    • By Cafad
      Well it took a little time but we've finally got to this point.  I contacted Simon from Heschl early in 2019 in an effort to see if I could wrangle a HAL 350 to test.  He was busy, and then I was busy and then someone more serious about buying was interested so the only available amp went to them.  And then Terry discovered that a fellow he ran in to lived next door to Simon and since it's far easier for a business based on the Gold Coast to deliver an amp to somewhere else on the Gold Coast he arranged for a HAL 350 to show up at his place.  On Saturday just gone.
      So I climbed out of bed at 5am and drove down to Terry's place (wanting to be there when this amp arrived so that I could wrangle as much listening time as possible).  Both Simon and Rod (so two thirds of the Heschl brains trust) arrived to deliver this creation of theirs (in a crate on wheels, now there's an idea) and they were happy to stay and talk 'shop' too.  It was great to meet you gents, I hope to do so again once I've had time to come up with a few more questions.  
      The HAL 350 that was delivered was brand new with only a few testing hours on it so I'm sure it will improve with run in but it was still capable of impressing me quite a lot.  The grip it exerted on those Vienna Acoustics speakers of Terry's was unlike any other amp we've trialed and with that grip came a massive amount of control.  We ran the Heschl for a while and then put the Technical Brain in service.  Simon and Rod were certainly eager to hear it and it did not disappoint.  It it still a great amp to listen to (and Rod commented that he quite liked it) but it just didn't have the power or level of control of the Heschl.  The TB doesn't fall behind on detail or enjoyment level though, I'll have to get some more listening time to compare the detail levels of the two amps before I'll make a claim as to which one is ahead of the other.
      We also ran Terry's Prima Luna integrated, enhanced via the Musical Fidelity Superchargers and that was a fun change.  Less detail on display but that tubey, glowy mid range was sort of fun after the previous two solid state amps.  Terry commented that he didn't think we gave the Prima Luna enough warm up time though, I'm not a tube fan and I thought it sounded pretty decent, certainly not a disappointment.  Terry has his Prima Luna set up so that it sounds far less tubey than most and far more solid state than tubey but I'm pretty sure I still heard at least a little of that tubey sound but having a strictly solid state preference I may be a little more sensitive to it than most.
      Simon and Rod stayed fairly late, they arrived at 11 and left just after 5 so we had plenty of time to talk and listen and pause for drinks before listening some more.  

      We didn't really get much of a chance to listen further after Rod and Simon left as Terry had other guests over.  We managed some more evaluation time on Sunday morning but it took a while for us to work up to it and we just had to give Terry's new Icon mono-blocks a quick run too (of course).
      So this post isn't really much of a review of the HAL 350, more of an introduction to a thread that we plan to turn into a review in a few weeks time.  When we both have another free weekend we'll get down and dirty with a Heschl that I'm sure Terry will have been able to add some run time to and then we will see just what we can hear.  I also have plans to add another integrated amp into the mix for a 3 way comparo of some seriously priced gear.  So stay tuned folks (but don't go holding your breath, it may not happen until November).
      I'll finish with a group pic, the Technical Brain TB Zero, the Heschl HAL 350 and the Icon Mono-blocks in front of Terry's much loved Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand speakers (Symphony Edition).

    • By MarcAL
      Item: Altec Lansing 416-8A Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Pair.
      Location: Sydney South.
      Price: $1000
      Item Condition: Recently reconed/refurbished, see pictures.
      Reason for selling: Spring clean out.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only
      Extra Info: 15" die cast aluminium frames, 8 ohm impedance, Alnico magnet structure, Low-Frequency Loudspeakers as used in VOTT and other professional quality speaker applications.
      These drivers have been recently reconed using GPA parts, tested and work flawlessly. Fs is 19Hz each.
      Data Sheet: http://www.yesterdays-tech.com/Altec/416-8A.pdf
      Weight: Approximately 17kg boxed.
      Shipment: Will send interstate via courier at purchasers expense. Approximately $40, shipped as one consignment.

    • By Smp
      Item: Lamm L2 Reference pre-amplifier - linestage

      Location: Perth

      Price: $9,950.00

      Item Condition:Excellent, as new - cosmetically and operationally perfect

      Reason for selling: Upgraded, so now too many pre-amps

      Payment Method: Pickup - cash, bank transfer

      Extra Info: Original purchaser of this two box reference class hybrid linestage - current valves in PSU are essentially new from Lamm. I believe that the previously used set of valves are somewhere about and which are fine, just seen more use - they will be included as well. The unit has usually been rotated with various other pre-amplifiers, but has quite easily remained the finest sounding pre-amplifiers in my system until I recently upgraded following the release of the LL1.1 Signature ($74K). Operationally dead quiet. Every review and award of this unit is on Lamm Industries website, including all specifications. Comes in it's factory wooden crate with manual. Lamm doesn't do remote controls. Auditions in my home to serious buyers only.

    • By Smp
      Item: Lamm LL2 Deluxe valve pre-amplifier

      Location: Perth

      Price: $4,850.00

      Item Condition: Excellent, as new - cosmetically and operationally perfect

      Reason for selling: Upgraded, so now too many pre-amps

      Payment Method: Pickup - cash, bank transfer

      Extra Info: Original purchaser of this great, all valve linestage - current set of valves have not seen too much use as I have been rotating with other pre-amplifiers. Also have the previous set of valves somewhere which are fine, just seen more use. These will be included if I can find them. Operational;ly dead quiet. Every review of this unit is on Lamm Industries website, including all specifications. Comes in it's factory wooden crate and manual. Lamm doesn't do remote controls. Auditions in my home to serious buyers.


    • By Gregory13
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $ 900 +Postage, Paypal fees 4%
      Item Condition: Like New
      Reason for selling: No longer needed
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal.
      Extra Info:
      Purpose designed for single-ended applications, Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry offers a relatively lower impedance on the ground for a richer, and more dynamic experience. While many single-ended cable designs use a single path for both the ground and the shield, Double-Balanced designs separate the two for cleaner, quieter performance.
      Perfect-Surface Technology applied to extreme-purity silver provides unprecedented clarity and dynamic contrast. Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) is AudioQuest's highest-quality metal. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, a major source of cable distortion. Extremely high-purity Perfect-Surface Silver minimizes distortion caused by the grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor, nearly eliminating harshness and greatly increasing clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other coppers.
      Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy (loss). Some of this energy is stored and then later released as distortion. Air, however, absorbs next to no energy, and FEP is the best extrudable solid insulation, absorbing less energy than other materials. The use of FEP Air-Tube insulation, with almost nothing but air around the solid PSC+ conductors, improves the sound of an audio system's focus and dynamics.
      It's easy to accomplish 100% shield coverage. Preventing captured Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from modulating the equipment's ground reference requires AQ's Noise-Dissipation System (NDS). Traditional shield systems typically absorb and then drain noise/RF energy to component ground, modulating and distorting the critical "reference" ground plane, which in turn causes a distortion of the signal. NDS's alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics "shield the shield," absorbing and reflecting most of this noise/RF energy before it reaches the layer attached to ground.
      All insulation between two or more conductors is also a dielectric whose properties will affect the integrity of the signal. When the dielectric is unbiased, dielectric-involvement (absorption and non-linear release of energy) causes different amounts of time delay (phase shift) for different frequencies and energy levels, which is a real problem for very time-sensitive multi-octave audio. The inclusion of an RF Trap (developed for AudioQuest’s Niagara Series of power products), ensures that radio frequency noise will not be induced into the signal conductors from the DBS field elements. (DBS, US Pat #s 7,126,055 & 7,872,195 B1)
      Cold-Welded, Direct-Silver Plated Pure Red Copper Terminations. Direct-Silver Plating is optimized for sound. It looks dull because there is no underlying layer of shiny, distortion-causing nickel.
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