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Chris Disbrey

FS: Grandview 16x9 92" Pulldown Projector Screen - now only $50

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Item: Grandview 16x9 92 inch Deluxe Pulldown Projector Screen
Location: Rosebud VIC
Price: $50 (RRP $569)
Item Condition: Perfect as new condition
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup only
Extra Info:

Screen case is 220 centimeters wide. 

image size is approx 204 x 115

It can be ceiling, suspension, or wall mounted and comes with all necessary fittings.

The screen has a 50cm black leader and black border around all sides.

Screen gain is 1.0

The pulldown mechanism is manual and tab tensioner making image alignment straightforward.

The material stays nice and flat due to the design and weighted bottom.


Unfortunately I don't have photos of it with the screen out.  This unit was uninstalled from my previous home which is now sold.  The original plan was to install it in the new home but as I now have a dedicated room, I have gone to a fixed screen.  And all without taking photos of this one beforehand...  The screen material is without any marks, scratches or tears and any interested parties are welcome to open it up and inspect it before buying.  


pickup from Rosebud VIC.  $10 donation to SNA at completion of sale.


Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.




Deluxe Pulldown Spec.pdf

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HUUUUGE unbelievable price drop

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