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For the first time, I have a dedicated room for HT and Gaming and I have finally finished the acoustic treatment of the room. To create this space of 3.4 x 4.9 x 2.5 meter, I had to move the laundry, toilet and bathroom and knock some walls down. Yes…….. the missus really, really loves me.


I had a look at soundproofing the room but decided to not go through with that idea, because the room was rather smallish to begin with and the build a bit complicated, with all the different walls and joist intersecting with each other and with the rest of the house. The room has a double brick outer wall with an air gap in between it,  as the front and the right wall. The front wall also has a window in it behind the AT screen. The left wall is a solid double brick internal wall. The ceiling has a couple of 200mm exposed roof joist with some timber on top, 100mm insulation and a flat sheet metal roof. The back wall is newly constructed and is made out of 17mm plywood with 10mm gyprock on top, on both sides, with insulation in between. And the floor is a solid concrete slab.


This room is rather solid and therefor rather challenging regarding bass issues. All treatment is DIY, and the total material cost for acoustic treatment is around $1100 AUD.

The screen wall is a timber frame held up by corner (bass trapping) towers, resting on top of the floor boards, and locked into place by screwing it into the roof joists. It is sitting 550mm from the front wall and is basically functioning as one giant bass absorption trap with 50mm Autex High Density insulation. The wall around the screen has been finished with 6mm MDF sheets with a RPG binary pattern as a finish, and to bring some reflections back into the room. The area behind the AT screen is fully covered in insulation, except for the center speaker. The coverage of unexposed absorption of the front wall is roughly 60%.  This improved clarity and sound stage a lot. It also helped with decay rates in the bass frequency. Enough to improve bass clarity, but not enough to even out the decay rate over the full LF frequency range.


The bulk heads around the ceiling have been added on later and consist out of 10mm gyprock with more insulation behind them. The rest of the ceiling has been covered in a binary slat pattern that is hung from the 200mm exposed roof joist, and the space between the roof joist has been filled with more insulation again. The coverage of unexposed absorption on the ceiling is roughly 38% I found that this improved stage depth the most.

The back of the room has been treated with panels made from the same 6mm MDF binary pattern and Autex insulation and have been mounted at various distances from the wall, 50-100-150mm. I had the mount one on a hinge as it was covering the door. I found this to be a big improvement in clarity and precision of tracking in sound effects.


Thanks to clever placement of subwoofers and listen position I have been able to create a LF response for subs and full range front speakers,  without any nulls and only need to cut off peaks to receive a flat SPL response. The frequency response of the decay times is less than flat due to the rooms solid build, but doesn’t kick in for the first 20ms, which isn’t too bad.


All in all I am quite happy with the outcome, but isn’t my best work regarding finish, as I have favored speed instead of a quality finish.









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Very nice mate, that has come up an absolute treat. 👍

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Floor rug?
No thanks?

Don't really need one as clarity is as good as it is, and decay times are short enough.

As a general rule you can treat opposite areas/walls with 25% absorbtion per area/wall or go 50% on one area/wall, without taking the live out of a room. Considering the sofa on the floor and the ceiling coverage I think I am pretty close to that.

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I am using a bit of an unconventional setup, as I was being fed up with the devaluation of AV gear and it's SQ performance.

I am using a HT/Gaming PC with a Pro Audio multichannel AD/DA converter straight into a couple of 2 channel power amps. I found that by ditching the AV Pre Pro I could get the 2-8 channel SQ I was after in a multichannel setup.

It is not the most family friendly setup, and I miss out on Dolby Atmos or DTS-X as that isn't supported for the PC, but I don't really miss the extra channels at this point either, but whatever the future holds, I can easily upgrade the DA converter and add more channels, or add a cheap video card with the latest HDMI specs when needed.

All DSP and volume control is done at the source in the digital domain. The PC is setup for quiet performance with water cooling and passive/active components that only activate under high load, which is during gaming.

All movies (400+) are stored on a local media server as uncompressed full BD rips.

I am still planning to build a set of 15" subwoofers to replace the 12" that I use now.

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