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So glad there finally up and running and that (thankfully) no damage occurred. The speakers should really open up with the new crossovers.   For those who haven't seen these were the origina

G'day Folks.   Haven't posted for a while, had a cold for a few days, knocked me around...  the worst part was missing two days at the Shed.  Had a covid test...  easy peasy...  an odd sensa

A big shout out to Doug  @Tubularbells  who has kindly offered to make new crossovers for the Technics. His involvement and contribution on this forum is a shinning example of the generous member

Hello Groovers and Shakers...


I posted a basic amp question recently, about switching off to change over inputs and speakers. 

Making a couple of stupid mistakes recently...  hooking up 4 x 6ohm speakers at once put an abrupt end to my Optonica...  and fiddling around in low light without my glasses on... I had a stray speaker wire touch the back panel of my newly aquired Rotel, blowing a fuse.


I took the oportunity to touch up the Rotel lid which had a couple of scratches...



Second hammertone coat on the rack shelves...





Still a little streaky...  have just sanded back and will apply the final coat with a spray can.

The Hammertone paint is tricky to work with a roller ( and brush I would imagine ), a painter at the Shed was surprised at the good, not great, finish I achieved.

It goes tacky very quickly...  by the time I did two strokes, it was already thickening, and I noticed a spider web type of thread coming off the roller as it moved.  This left behind small fibres which had to be sanded smooth.

I won't work with it from a tin again.


I'm repairing the AR tweeter face plate for the Tip Shop speakers...



Using electrical tape and filling up with superglue, sanded back and polished with a Dremel type tool.  Not sure if paint will stick to the superglue, maybe should have used epoxy resin, as my brother pointed out.









Yesterday at the Shed, I was able to finish my router practice cut for the driver holes...




A little scorching...  but not too shabby.

I was using one of the bits from the Shed, with no idea how much use it has had, and no experience to judge for myself.

I will buy some new bits just to be sure.



The catalyst for me becoming a Men's Shed member was my Mum wanting the balcony screen doors re-conditioned.. I went down to arrange it and became a member.

I have the doors stripped, run through the thicknesser, biscuit joint cuts re-made, and now ready for assembly. 

The speaker work has slowed as a result, as I can't expect the boys to do the work for me now that I'm on the team.



I'm going to have a crack at making some speaker spikes...



I'm seeking any advice If anyone has done this before?



I'm tempted to paint the slab of sandstone for the TT...


The colour is going to clash with the rest of the scheme.

Any advice for this one too?


Today I'm working on the Tip Shop speakers... sanding and filling the front edges and gluing / clamping the internal bracing...



I've realised the veneer is vinyl, and not sandable / stainable...  I've done a search on restoring vinyl veneer, but there ain't a lot of info out there...

Any tips here would be much appreciated...  I wan't to keep the outside original at this point, and the veneer is in very good nic...



I just want to give it a bit of a polish, to bring back a little sparkle.  Would a wax work on vinyl veneer?


Pumping the Technics speakers right now.  I'm waiting to finish the Tip Shop speakers, which sound really good for what they are, before dismantling the Technics for finishing.  Then I can listen to them while the Technics are completed.

At least until the TDL's arrive from Perth, which I just bought from @spayne59 - Cheers Mate.


That's it for now...


Rock On!!!







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I've decided to cutomize the TV rack....  intending to cut in half, just above the TV shelf, and paint to match the Stereo rack...


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G'day Folks.


Haven't posted for a while, had a cold for a few days, knocked me around...  the worst part was missing two days at the Shed.  Had a covid test...  easy peasy...  an odd sensation that nose swab, you sort of feel it...  but it sure makes your eyes water.  Results in 48hrs... all clear.


It's been just over two months since I really started working on these speakers, and stands, and the stereo rack, and the TV rack... and then some more speakers.

I've made a few mistakes... and learned a lot on a short time... but there is so much further to go.


Designing and building a pair of speakers is a lot more involved than I thought.  I use the word 'involved' rather than complicated... as it's not necessarily difficult, but it's complex for sure...


I'm nowhere near ready to design speakers and crossovers...  but Im ready to stock up on some crossover components.

An alternative is to purchase a microphone and download some measurement software first...  but my computers are old, one running Windows 7, the other Vista ( yeah, Vista ).  I might have to fork out for a new lap top, so that is holding me back with the microphone outlay.


I found a tutorial on DiyAudio about chosing / making crossovers by listening.  A few formulas to use with driver specs and a lot of 'try it, and have a listen'.  If I have a few parts to swap around, I should be able to adjust configurations and fine tune some what.


I've been looking into baffle step, and baffle shape...  I think measurement will be required to adjust the more subtle tweaks there.  I'm rounding my edges, and placing the drivers in a location that is different from each edge.


One mistake I made with the Technics...  was to add internal bracing without thinking about mounting the driver from inside, as they were originally mounted.  I decided to mount them from the front and never considered inside mounting when adding the braces...  they now prevent inside mounting... permantnetly.  It is something I regret, as I won't be able to return them to normal. 

When I saw the drivers mounted in the original layout, from inside...  I thought it odd.  It's a thick baffle.  But I believe now that some drivers perform better this way, so I would like to change it, alas...

The Technics baffle have a straight edge too, something that is too big a job to warrant changing.


With the new Technics cabinets, I will inside mount the drivers and round the edges.


I've almost finished the 'Tip Shop' speakers...







With three pair of speakers reconditioned, almost... it's almost time to sit back, listen and tweak what I've done so far, using some different valued crossover parts, and hear what my brain can pick up.


There has been some great material posted on SNA recently...  SirSydistc's monumental build, and gthe dude pulling apart the sub woofers...  excellent work guys.






The Stereo Rack is getting very close...  the colours are worked out, final coats almost on... the white sandstone slab will be gloss claret like the amp platforms...














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The light doesn't reflect the true colours in the above pics.  The greys are lighter than they look.


Here's a few more pics...








The TV stand has been cut in half and the frame is primed... hanging in the last pic...

























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Going the retro '60's / '70's orange and veneer combination...  reminding me of the rumpus room at home in Brady's Gully Road.  Those who knew me then will remember.


That's the stand platform mocking the baffle, but that's the colour.  The rim will be grey.


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All fitted out tonight...  all holes drilled...  ready for final undercoat and finishing. 

This was the easiest way to replace / change the baffle.  The old one is still in place.

They are sealed cabinets too...  I'll be screwing these pretty tight, with some thin foam insulation.


I have changed the baffle of these speakers in a major way.  Leaving the original baffle in behind the new one gives me the option to go back.

The new baffle gives a little more volume to the cabinet, but some of that would be offset by the volume of the new internal bracing...  they're quite chunky.

...  and I'm not sure how the original baffle will interact with the new one, whether I should jigsaw it out.


The next boxes are two small low range cabinets for Sony 10" drivers.  18mm ply.  Same dimensions as the original boxes, but built like brick sh!t houses...  in the same rough, hand finished, painted timber style.


The wood is cut...  have to router the driver holes,,,  then build my first boxes.

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Greetings and salutations.


I've been a member here almost three years, joining when I was 50.  I'm proud to be a member of such a friendly and respectful forum... I spend a lot of time here, not always posting either.  I've learned a lot since being here, but there is so much further to go...  that's not a bad thing...  I'm certainly enjoying the ride.


I've met a couple of great members in Canberra, and had intended to meet a few more in a covid cancelled Melbourne trip.

I've been introduced to higher end audio by said members...  I've had a teasing of two impressive systems, giving me more measure for comparison with my own sound.


I've been helped out numerous times by other member's generosity, too many to list...  but thankyou one and all.


For the most part I'm reluctant to post, or attempt to descibe my system, sound and music.  I think it's a confidence thing, among so many knowledgable and experienced members.


I think part of it has also been a reluctance to face up to the shortcomings of my modest system...  I'm definitely more critical of the sound these days.  That's not a bad thing either...  It is because of SNA...  but that's the whole point of a forum like this, to engage and learn.


( Edit - Hey @naidan I posted this a couple of days ago and meant to tag you in )


I worked only 3 & 1/2 hours tonight.  I spent all day listening to my music, pumping my gear pretty hard for a while.

My selections were from the following...



I was comparing CD's through the Yamaha CDX-550 to flac & wav files through the Philips media player.


I was also comparing the Rotel & Optonica amps.


Using the almost finished, refurbed Technics cabinets.



I've been listening to these all day.  I'm still comfortable sitting here listening to 'Music Is One Rotted Note' by Squarepusher, which was preceeded by 'Risotto' by Fluke.


I've settled on the digital files through 3.5mm to RCA, into the Optonica amp, using the 'loudness' function, and dial the bass down by 2 from 12 O'clock.  I generally don't need the tissue for better recordings or the Optonica.  I'm not using them at all with the media player / Optonica combo.


I began playing CD's through each amp.


The Rotel was a lot brighter.  It's more powerful at 60W...  the Optonica is 25 - 30W.  But it was too much in the mid and high range after a while, it got fatiguing at volume.

The Optonica was smoother, Leonard Cohen just sounded sublime.  It just doesn't have the same punch as the Rotel.


I should mention that I've had a cold for a week...  had a negative covid test...  but I've been congested and nasal for a few days.  It was interfering with the sound as I had distortion in my ears after blowing my nose, which was frequently.  It made me question what I was hearing quite a few times.


But I found I was using the tissues ( toilet paper ) over the tweeter and mid drivers with a few recordings.  They were too prominent...  it was more so the mid driver...  and I'm thinking I should try mounting them from inside the cabinet, as they were originally.  As mentioned previously, I made a mistake with the internal bracing, and can no longer mount the bass drivers from inside, but the mids should be fine.


That was through the Yamaha CD player...  I hadn't compared any digital files, just swapping between amps.

It was time to try the media player...


A definite improvement over the CD's.  Seemed to have a bit more life in the music, and more balanced. 

The optimal sound for me here is the media player into the Optonica.  I have been listening to it most of the day and have not fatigued.  It does like the 'loudness' function to give it a bit more body...  it's not powerful, but the Technics seem easy to drive and give the music some weight,  It's a smooth sound, detailed, but not life like in presence like higher end audio.  The imaging and soundstage are there and very impressive on the best recordings.


That's where this combination really excell.  They sound their best with the best recordings.

Leonard Cohen is becoming one of my favourite artists.  His voice fills the room and absorbs me.

Tool's 'Invincible' just shakes the foundations.

It seems to be a great combo for electronic music...  some Deadmou5 seriously pumping.


The Technics sound good all 'round the house and outside too.


I'm expecting delivery of some older and well cared for TDL speakers from Perth.  It will be good to have better speakers to compare. 


Slowly building my way up, as seems to be the go 'round here...  hooked by the lure of great sound for my budget.  Patiently wandering through the vast equipment available, dreaming, drooling...  and saving for the next step.  Resisting impulse buying but trusting that deep down feeling when you get it.







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Hey Shakers and Groovers.


Things are starting to take shape... both audibly and visually...



Sony's in black / grey...  Technics in white...  and the Tip Shop $10 bargains in orange, with Sony bass driver and Acoustic Research tweeters.

They all are unfinished, but close enough for a set up and listen.


I'm very happy with all of them for different reasons and characteristics.


I've been playing around with the tip shop cabinets...  actually different driver configurations outside the box, using different crossover components I've salvaged from other cheap speakers.  I had some great photo's but lost them when my old phone died...  I'm not computer savvy by a long shot.  The drivers were set up and alinged on stands and looked pretty cool, with wiring going everywhere.


I settled on using the 2 way crossover from the AR bookshelf cabinets, from whence the tweeters came.  I also added a no name bass driver, smaller than the Sony, which won't go into the cabinet...  they're on small easels sitting on the floor.  They help give the mid range a little more definition...  but at this stage have no filtering...  I would like to cross them over to receive the mid frequencies only.


The cabinets are sealed...  the Sony drivers came from the $50, 9 piece ( yes!!!  9 piece ) surround TV sytem...  they are the drivers from the sub boxes, which were ported at the front.  They had no filtering...  poor things trying to puch bass out from the full range signal.  They had no 'sub' charcteristics at all, just low level, muffled bass.

The two way crossover and sealed, large cabinet provide a very full bass...  a little too prominent with some recordings...  I like full and fat bass, but I like definition too.  I braced these cabinets very well and they are in great shape...  I think that helps control the bass.

I used the Sony's in preference to the original Hokutone drivers, which are only 10 watts and were cracking loudly with medium volume.

The Hokutones did sound nice in the cabinets.  I will build something for them, and find an old, very low powered amp.



Still a bit rough around the paint lines.  The undercoat seaped under the edge of the tape,  'cos I'm a little heavy with the paint...  and I shoulda undercoated both at the same time.  Where the grey trim meets the vinyl veneer, there is a small edge and the undercoat has seeped under that edge too.  I've decided to fill that edge with light filler, using a damp finger to smooth a curve into the finish...  then tape the orange edge and re-spray the grey trim.  I've painted orange and grey screw heads for final finish ( letting the paint cure for a few weeks before screwing them in...  I'm hoping they will set and not damage as much with the screwdriver.)


As for the sound...  It's pretty big.  The bass can be a bit wild...  I will try porting the baffle.  The original boxes were ported remember.  The way I have modifed them allows easy change overs, and has left them almost original, except for removing the grill cloth and painting the baffle edges.

The highs are nice...  not great.  I'm not sure about metal dome tweeters.  In a way I think they should represent the high pitches of metal based instruments more effectively...  but they can sound a bit harsh to me.


I have been listening with the Optonica amp, which I normally listen to using the loudness function, but the big bass provides enough weight without it.  I've been listening for a few days now and really enjoying them.  There has been a few recordings that sounded woeful, but I'm sure that is a reflection on the version I have, rather than better ones available.  A Steely Dan CD of Old Regime lasted about 2 seconds.


I'm looking forward to collecting some nicer drivers now...  I have these cabinets to work with...




The infamous 'back o' the white van' bargains...  NOT!!!  Sounded like sh*t!

Thin cabinets and minimal bracing but the finish isn't too bad...  and they are in near new condition.  They will sit in the spare room for years unless I do something to make them worth listening to.


They are...  wait for it...


Harman/Logan beasts...




They are split into two enclosures, with a side firing bass...  and came fitted with a stunning crossover consisting of a very small capacitor, not even worthy of a pic.


It will be easy enough to add a thick back panel to the outside, and a thick baffle giving the cabinet more weight...  I could also fix some hardwood blocks inside, on the bottom of each enclosure...  but I don't want to reduce the internal volume too much.  Side to side internal bracing will be easy, but I don't want to cover the outside, sides with thicker panels.  I need to shape a second baffle for the side firing bass driver too.  Both baffles could be very nice timber.  The front baffle will be made in two parts...  a removable upper baffle and fixed bottom panel.




I'm throwing it out there...  or here, if that makes more sense.


What drivers should I put in these cabinets?


I would like to make this a group project...  I would love to have some more input from you guys.


I believe the correct approach is to list the intentions and restrictions...


Let me list the main restriction straight off the bat...  They have to be cheap!

I'm not a cheapskate... well, not all the time.  But I do have limited funds, and in keeping with the 'cost effective' approach I have to all things...  these have to be great value.  I have some funds tucked away for such an adventure.


Not necessarily perfect sound...  but I think we could come up with something pretty decent.

Ideally I would prefer a forward firing bass driver set up, but it does restrict the size a little.  They are ported at the rear, but I could port the front easily, and the back will be covered with the added panel.  The only reason I would do this is to compensate for the side firing driver, and have some bass firing directly towards me.

I would like more attention to detail than power, although still having some oomph...  when seldom required these days.

Down the line I'm considering either a vintage power amp, or vintage monoblock pair, so a good match for these would be beneficial.  There may be some contradiction there...  matching 'more attention to detail than power' with a power amp...  it's not so much 'volume' in the sound that I'm looking for, but 'power' in the music.

I know there are many variables with amp selections...  I'm inclined to build a system around speakers, rather than amps.


The cabinets are split into two enclosures.  They had four drivers, but I would prefer three.  Love a good three way.


I'm happy to consider anything that you suggest.  The upper limit on drivers would be $400, ideally including crossovers, but may swing an extra $50 each there.


The goal is to match the right 'cheap' speakers with the cabinet and each other.


I've been hunting drivers on line, but there are so many it takes time to sort through and compare.  DJ City seems to have some good 'looking' cheaper ones...  had a look at JayCar too.  Not fussy about new, would almost prefer second hand, especially from fellow members.  Happy to consider well considered Chinese made, or other bargain manufacturers of decent gear.


I'm hoping some of you have experience here...  and others please feel free to throw any ideas into the ring.
















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9 minutes ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:

I'm throwing it out there...  or here, if that makes more sense.


What drivers should I put in these cabinets?


I would like to make this a group project...  I would love to have some more input from you guys.


I believe the correct approach is to list the intentions and restrictions...


I forgot to list the dimensions...  as close as I could...


Height - 43 3/8"    1,202mm     Top enclosure - 16 3/4"    42.5mm    Bottom - 26"    66mm


Width - 7"    77mm


Depth - 11 1/4"    31.5mm


Rear port is 66mm diameter

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Had a nap this arvo...  on a roll right now...  some late night posting with some late night music...


Casualties of Cool - Self Titled - Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval.    flac



I'm bewildered why this doesn't get more recognition 'round these 'ere parts.  Well produced, smooth, relaxed and very interesting...  musically diverse with some strong indigenous flavours here and there.  Two discs of material, Devin in laid back mode and Ché's voice is sublime...  and she's quite appealing to my eyes.


Thought I better break up a very long post...  nothing like a good long post eh @08Boss302?


I've pulled apart an older pair of Sony's...











The crossovers were a nice suprise...  nothing fancy, but more than I expected...





I'm going to put them in the towers for now...  making up some baffles with 20mm ply.  A good practice run for the proper fit out.  I can add the extra back panel anytime, so I might get a start on those, and I can do the front, bottom panel.  As these panels will be small, I don't mind spending a little extra for a nice wood.  I have been toying with the idea of resin coating some wood surfaces too...  and maybe adding colour on other materials...  or even using old album covers and adding a 2 - 3mm coat of clear.  I know this is an expesive method... but the front panels are small enough to have a crack at it.  I could use MDF and save money there.



Forum member @Billy Shears deserves an honorable mention... he has some Celef Mini Professional with most likely Kef drivers.  The drivers ( edit - tweeters ) are shot...  and they need some lovin'.

Thanks mate...  they will be treasured. 

Billy has a TT plinth that needs a touch up...   the least I could do for such a generous gift.


I'm unable to work out how to copy pics from my phone to my laptop, even to the net on the phone.

Maybe Billy you could post a couple of pics for us?





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5 hours ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:




Forum member @Billy Shears deserves an honorable mention... he has some Celef Mini Professional with most likely Kef drivers.  The drivers are shot...  and they need some lovin'





As requested





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12 hours ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:



Forum member @Billy Shears deserves an honorable mention... he has some Celef Mini Professional with most likely Kef drivers.  The drivers are shot...  and they need some lovin'.

Thanks mate...  they will be treasured. 

Billy has a TT plinth that needs a touch up...   the least I could do for such a generous gift.


I'm unable to work out how to copy pics from my phone to my laptop, even to the net on the phone.

Maybe Billy you could post a couple of pics for us?





 @BuzzzFuzzz i admire the passion you're putting into this!  Thanks for sharing all the pics 


For transferring photos a couple of methods i use


1) iphone to macbook is easy...use Airdrop...easy af


2) any phone to windows laptop...just use your phone to email the photos to yourself then access you emails via webmail and save/download the photo(s) to your laptop




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Hey @2Brix  Thanks mate.


I've gone from Iphone to Nokia, which is not found by the lap top.  Can't seem to copy and paste any pics on the phone.


Your email suggestion sounds promising, will give it a crack.



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Ahoy Matey's.


Sitting here trying to sort out a little digital camera...  re above posts.  Fingers crossed.  ( update - the digi camera has given up...  here is the first email pic to myself, worked a treat...  thanks @2Brix



I have a few pics anyway...


I've been busy putting some Sony Drivers into the Harman / Logan slim towers...  'twas a good $50 investment...  9 speakers in a surround AV system.  I can look up the model number, listed here somewhere, but not off the top of my head.  The drivers are decent, made in Malaysia, some sort of plastic cones, and horn tweeters.  They had a full front, plastic, face panel, and the horns were plastic...  I'm not sure if one can tell the difference in sound with materials, but I always felt / thought they sounded plasticy.


As they came, they sounded average.  No crossovers spare a few capacitors for the tweeters.


Hooked up with good crossovers and cabinets, they don't sound too bad.  I used the spare, new Technics crossovers handy, I haven't strated assembly of those cabinets yet...  I'm honing my skills first, before attempting my first pair of high finish speakers, I want them to look professionally built and finished.

The crossovers were made by TubularBells. 























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Here they are up and running...


I didn't end up staying with the original bass driver at the end of the last post...  I've pulled one of the other Sony pair apart and used the exact same drivers.  They mid and top drivers are Sony's, but the tweeter is a Toshiba.  I used the capacitor from the Toshiba for the tweeter, and the remaining three Sony drivers are hooked up to Dougs crossovers.


I must say...  I really like the sound.  


The vocals, strings and keys are clear and carry weight...  the mid range is very nice.

The high end is good as can be expected, lacking the sparkle and detail of in room presence that I have heard in high end gear...  there's no air around these cymbals.  It's adequate though, it's not sharp or fatiguing.

The bass is pretty good too.  I'm not convinced by side firing drivers, but this has real punch,  they needed the ports fitted in the rear, as the bottom end was pretty sloppy...  did you see what I did there?


Currently spinning...  through the Rotel...


Leonard Cohen  'More Best Of'    wav CD rip.



Can't seem to get enough Lenny lately.  His voice is so rich and fills the whole room.  Quality music as we all know.


The Arturo Complex  'The Fabric'    wav download from BandCamp a while back...



Nice instrumental, progressive, psychedelic rock.  It sounds very good, one of my go-to albums lately...  well produced and dynamic with great musicianship.  I like how this album sounds...  it's not your standard psy freestyle jam, its very well crafted.


Dianna Krall  'Wallflower'   flac.


I'm new to Dianna.  I've read the name, surrounded by controversy throughout global audio shows.  Love her or loathe her, I'm quite enjoying the smooth sound and style.


So here they are up and running and sounding quite good...  I'm impressed...













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Hey Groovers and Shakers.


You may be wondering where the Technics Cabinet Re-Builds are...  after they disappeared a couple of pages ago.


The first two cabinets were only reconditioned...  they were assembled when the crossovers arrived from TubularBells...  unfinished, requiring final bracing and glueing in the back panel...  then painting.

The second two are complete builds of new MDF cabinets...  already precision cut and awaiting construction.


I've been holding off completing both pair, as I wanted to develop my woodworking and painting skills to a confident level with all the other work you have seen and read here.  My joinery requires more practice and refinement.


I now have three pair in unfinished stages...  it's been difficult to pull them apart as I just wanna listen to them.

There are also the Tip Shop / Sony / Acoustic Research hybrids in orange...  and the FrankenStein Sony / Toshiba / No Name mutants...  colour scheme undecided...  could be purple and black (deep and sabbath ).


I made a two day dash to Gosford and Sydney on Mon & Tues...  arriving home last night with three more pair of speakers.





JBL  4301B Control Monitors



Marantz  LS-20's



One with a shot woofer...  actually looks as if it were shot with a shot gun...



I had a great chat with a dude named Boyd, in Melbourne, about re-coning the two bass drivers.

I'm sending him a link to this thread...  He's now aware of StereoNet...  Welcome mate, hope you consider joining this wonderful forum.


Now that I have the JBL's and TDL's to listen to, I can now devote time to completing the unfinished cabinets...


The Stereo Rack has been completed and fitted out...  with a couple of minor adjustments to make... a larger platform for a new, second hand CD player, and also the TT.







... also the TV Rack has been assembled...  with a backing panel to add to hide the bloody cables.



...  it's all a bit of a mess right now...



Very impressed with th JBL's...  they don't suit all recordings though.  I'll post about this later.

I haven't taken the second TDL out of its box yet.


I have a few more stands to make now...  each pair will have their custom stands.  This is where my joinery skills will develop...  hopefully.  I've done very successful biscuit joints...  yet to tackle dowel joints.  I have a couple of stands cut and ready, but I'm waiting for the confidence to get into it.  No one likes a wobbly stool or chair...  and we sure don't like wobbly speaker stands.


That's it for now.


Any questions... please ask.



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I forgot a very important thing...


All the gear has been sourced from fellow members here.

I won't go on about how much I love this forum...  if you read my posts you already know.

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G'day Folks.


With a little time on my hands on a Sunday morning, before heading into the pub for lunch service, I thought I should make a long overdue update here.


While I haven't posted for a while, rest assured that I'm still deeply engaged with my speaker modifications...  and still changing things around constantly.


I have been a little side tracked...  picking up two Denon AVC-A1 amps, one purchased from @Believe1980s and one generously gifted to me by @Mord (thanks again mate...  it works perfectly).


I've also acquired some drivers, and helpful advice from @kelossus (thanks Chris), and just bought a couple of drivers and reclaimed crossovers from @missmurphy, looking forward to that delivery.


I'm heading over to Canberra soon to pick up my first Sansui...  AU-517 from @eman...  It's not well at the moment, but I'm hoping a visit to Dr Doug @Tubularbells, will give it a new lease of life.


Back to the speaker modifications...

I may have mentioned previously that I blew up my much beloved Sharp 'Optonica' SM-5100, by hooking up two pair of 6 Ohm speakers, effectively giving a 3 Ohms load to a 4 & 8 Ohm amp.


I picked up a similar Optonica SM-4100 from Gumtree after @naidan posted the listing on the Great Buys & Bargains thread...

...  would you believe I blew the sh!t out that one two weeks ago...  forgetting to measure the impedance before connection, after tweaking a pair of speakers.  It was less than 3 Ohms.  OUCH!!!  'twas a big bang and puff of smoke that stunk the house out for hours.


Here's a few progress pics...





The 'Tip Shop' cabinets, with the second pair of Technics 12" woofers, Yamaha mids and Sony tweeters.



The 'Back 'o the White Van' no name driver speakers, taking the smaller drivers from the satellites and centre, incorporating them into the mains and removing the side firing woofer and putting them into seperate, forward firing cabinets.



These are the Sony cabinets, with Sony 6" woofers, Peerless mids, and no name, soft dome tweeters.



These are also Sony cabinets, with Dayton 6" woofers, vintage Seas 3" mids, and again, no name, soft dome tweeters.

Do you like the cardboard horns for the ports?

These baffles are temporary, using spares for now...  The new baffles will have the drivers closer together.



These are the remaining Sony drivers from another surround set up.  Not sure what will happen here...  maybe a four way by adding tweeters.

They will also have new baffles made.


I've started rear mounting the drivers after borrowing my brother's routers...









Running out of time...  All speakers will be painted up after final measurements are made and all tweaking completed.











Apologies for any mistakes...  no time to proof read before submitting.




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just been reading your posts and to say I'm impressed is a big understatement, I tip my hat to you sir. 

   Glad you have a use for the amp,will keep you in mind if I pass on anything else 

 cheers Greg 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Latest update...


Have re-done the baffle and swapped out the Seas soft dome mid range driver out...  it's another no name driver, arriving with a few salvaged crossovers, from MissMurphy...  as per previous post.  Also, moved the drivers closer together...





The number of screws is just a play around.  I'm using screws so I can change things easily...  and I thought I would have a crack at making them more a part of the finish, than purely functional.

Not sure about the driver change...  I prefer the sound of the vintage Seas...  Which I've now put into the Technics cabinets, after a small opening up of the driver hole...




This made a nice improvement on the originals... I was a little concerned about the mid and top of these beasts...  was thinking of a new tweeter as well, but after hearing the Seas mid in there, I'm content with this set up.  More detail and smoothness in the middle and top section.


Expecting delivery of a second, four way speaker switch today.


Picked these babies up yesterday, for the princely sum of $50, on Gumtree...


Energy Speaker Systems

Connoisseur Series


Canadian design, Chinese build.




In fantastic condition...  from a similar aged, fellow metal head, and bass player.

Very nice sound and look...  lacking the presence of higher end speakers, of course... but I'd have been happy to pay $200 to $300 after hearing them.

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2 hours ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:

Picked these babies up yesterday, for the princely sum of $50, on Gumtree...


Energy Speaker Systems

Connoisseur Series


Canadian design, Chinese build.




In fantastic condition...  from a similar aged, fellow metal head, and bass player.

Very nice sound and look...  lacking the presence of higher end speakers, of course... but I'd have been happy to pay $200 to $300 after hearing them.


Score!! I'm a bit of an Energy fan.


You might find that experimenting with the tweeter attenuation resistor in the crossover will yield a bit more sparkle in the top end. Buying pairs of resistors which are approx. 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 ohms lower resistance than the original resistors will do the trick. Jaycar have plenty of 5W and 10W cement resistors in stock.  


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20 hours ago, pete_mac said:

Jaycar have plenty of 5W and 10W cement resistors in stock.  

Hey Pete.

One aspect I'm not too sure about, is what Wattage should I be using for resistors?

Is there a general rule with these?


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16 minutes ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:

Hey Pete.

One aspect I'm not too sure about, is what Wattage should I be using for resistors?

Is there a general rule with these?



In the past I've used 5 ohm for experimentation purposes, and then installed 10W for long-term use once the preferred value has been confirmed. However, 10W jobbies aren't particularly expensive, so it may suffice to buy a few 10W resistors up-front and then keep the left-overs for future speaker experiments.





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21 hours ago, pete_mac said:


Sorry Pete, went to reply and it reloaded my previous post...  and I couldn't delete the quote window.


After a good listen last night, and this morning...  they would definitely benefit from a little more sparkle.


Thanks again for the suggestion.

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21 hours ago, pete_mac said:

cement resistors

21 hours ago, pete_mac said:


Again it has reloaded my previous post...


Are cement and ceramic the same?

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4 minutes ago, BuzzzFuzzz said:

Again it has reloaded my previous post...


Are cement and ceramic the same?


When it comes to your typical wire-wound resistor, generally yes. Manufacturers describe them in different ways, but they comprise of an outer ceramic shell and the inner resistor element which is potted in a cement compound.


You can see the hard ceramic outer and the cement visible from the underside of the resistor in the image below:




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