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SOLD: FS:Bowers and Wilkins 803 Diamond 3 (B&W 803 D3) in Piano Black

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Item: B&W 803 D3 in black

Location: Brisbane
Price: $14,500 ( RRP for speaker is $22,900) 
Item Condition: Great condition - No blemishes, scratches or dents , around 800 hours listening. Purchased from local dealer August 2016. receipt  is available.  Comes with original box and all accessories. ( the jumper leads has never been used).  
Reason for selling: Downsize to bookshelf 
Payment Method: Pickup only due to the size and weight 
Extra Info:  One of the terminals on the left speaker is stiff and won’t screw completely, however this does not affect anything as there is a perfect sized space to connect the spade to the terminal .  





Photos: 1.jpg.f1bec826445bbe094f6bc2f26ff28f3c.jpg

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Klipch Palladium speakers competitors. 

I heard them in a shop. They were sounding very nice, neutral, huge sound stage and natural sound. 

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2 hours ago, Syrot said:

Very rare something exceptional comes up for sale in Brisbane and it is something I cant afford :( 

I am from far north Queensland. No barriers for fine music components.  Actually my wife funded me to by these speakers.

It's so cheap for thE advertised  price IMO. Previous model advertised around AUD 12000. 

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6 hours ago, roshansubo said:

I've got this pair mate. Powered by ML power amps.
So beautiful sound....never regret about the cost. 



Thanks, it looks stunning. 

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