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SOLD: FS: PMC Twenty.22 Walnut Speakers

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Item: PMC Twenty.22 Walnut Speakers
Location: Brisbane
Price: $1850
Item Condition: Very good
Reason for selling: Upgraded to newer model
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:
PMC Twenty.22 speakers in walnut finish. I am the second owner, selling as I've purchased a pair of Twenty5.22s in oak.


A main reason for changing was aesthetic as neither my wife or I liked the Walnut finish (which doesn't match with anything else we have). Before deciding to purchase Twenty5.22 I auditioned a number of other speakers at home including Monitor Audio Silver 300s and Gold 100s. Both of these were priced above $3000 and in my opinion were not in the same class as the PMC Twenty.22 (which admittedly retailed for approx $4500 when new). You likely won't get a comparable or better speaker new for less than $4000.


If it wasn't for the walnut finish, I'd have likely kept these speakers for a long time. They have a high sensitivity and are easy to drive however I've read they improve with high power output amps. I ran them on a Marantz KI Pearl Lite and was very happy with their sound.


Full specs available on the PMC website: https://pmc-speakers.com/products/archive/archive/twenty22


The speakers have been very well looked after apart from a small scratch on the underside of one of the speakers as shown in the pictures. For a time they were placed directly on our entertainment cabinet (before I purchased stands) - to stop the cabinet and the speakers vibrating I attached small adhesive pads to the underside of the speakers. These can be removed if necessary, however I've left them on as they may be useful to the next buyer.


Supplied in original box and packaging. Can post with Australia Post, happy to provide a quote on request.


















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