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Aerial question - please help

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Hi all. I am looking for better knowledge than I have. We have recently fitted out a room in a seaside house on a sloping block near Merimbula (Tura Beach). The room is under a cement and steel (Spandeck?) driveway, and as the block was excavated and slopes away from the front of the house it is largely surrounded by the block itself (rock / stone) on 3 sides. We are 3.5 km away from the Meribmula tower.

I had the electrician install aerial coax and run it outside, but because of the construction of the house (can't run cables in walls), and the fact that my wife doesn't want to see plastic conduit outside running up a wooden lap board facia, I can't get to the rooftop existing antenna. However I might be able to get away with installing an aerial low down on a can't see part of the house.

Merimbula is a vertically polarized signal area, and according to ACMA needs a low gain antenna at roof height without a signal amplifier. BUT - across the road is a huge 2 story house that towers over our place, and as the location I can fix an aerial to is very low down (below driveway height) I am concerned that the ACMA specs won't do it for me to get a signal.

Do TV signals spread out and are they able to propagate (or bend) around objects as sound waves can, or are they strictly line of sight and blocked by buildings? Does anyone have any ideas what to do (obviously getting coax to the roof is the best way but I can't do this.....) Aerial types / amplified or not / any suggestions???


Many thanks, Norm

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Hi Norm

TV signals are usually line of sight, the most common type of antenna is a uda yagi   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yagi–Uda_antenna  Whilst these offer good performance they are confined to a limited range of frequencies that they can receive, and complicating sometimes, is that they are quite directional.


You might as a suggestion have a look how nearby residents are receiving their TV. 


A broadband antenna called a discone  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discone_antenna

is both vertically polarized and is omnidirectional. as well it matches extremely well to coax cable

and suggests as being a good choice with the information the ACMA are providing. 


Hope that helps

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