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The 2019 Rugby World Cup & Internationals thread

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All the games from here are leading up to the World Cup in Japan. Bring it on! Some wonderful games to be played between now and 2 November. 


First up is the Rugby Championship. This page shows game times in your local time



Round 1 has Argentina at home against the All Blacks. The Springboks play at the fortress that is Ellis Park, against the Wallabies.


The South Africans seem to be counting on the Ellis Park factor - they've put out a weakened team. The first test matches of the season are often a bit creaky and can be closer than the pundits expect. We are living in interesting times.

Round 1

20 July 2019
17:05 SAST (UTC+2)
South Africa 23px-Flag_of_South_Africa.svg.png v 23px-Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.s Australia






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.. and it's under way! After a great opening ceremony, international oval-ball sport's largest gathering of nations outside of the Olympics has started its seven weeks of sporting glory.




Japan vs Russia was shown free-to-air in Melbourne on Ten Bold and it was a match of Test standard. The Russians turned up and showed that with greater fitness and a little more composure they could be a force to be reckoned with. Japan had to think their way through for the win.


Next, Australia vs Fiji. Rugby is a game where physical and mental pressure leads to poor decisions leads to penalties leads to points. Down to 14 men, Fiji couldn't hold Australia out and the Wallabies scored 3 tries during that yellow card period. The Wallabies do play well against 14 but it'd be good to see the same level of performance and threat against oppositions with 15 players on the field.

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Just found this thread. Don't have Fox, so will miss some great games. Yep, the Fijians charged out of the blocks against us but the technical superiority in set pieces was always going to tell. Plus the fitness & professionalism in the end. The game against Wales will be a real test of technique & organisation. I think that the Welsh will be happy to play without the ball & capitalise on errors, of which we are quite prone.

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