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Quad ESL57 Electrostatic Speakers

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Item: Quad ESL57 Electrostatic Speakers in Black
Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ
Price: $1750
Item Condition: Excellent (read mint) 2ndhand condition for the age.
Shipping: No shipping on these*
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, PayPal, ZipPay - with 6 months Interest Free
Extra Info:
First things first, yes this is the second pair of Quad ESL57's we've posted recently. The other pair are finished in bronze, which we posted here on the 20th June. They have not sold yet, so we've reduced them to just $1450 for a quick sale. This information is going to be repeat of the previous post as they are exactly the same speaker. (note these are a later build numbered 46842 verses 6358). 
These rare and iconic Quad ESL57 Electrostatic loudspeakers in mint, original condition with matching serial numbers. These where the first Electrostatic Speakers from Quad, and the first Electrostatics  put into  mass production.
From Quad:  The use of Electrostatic technology goes back towards the early 1900s. It was first used by a scientist from the UK - Lawrence Frederick Richardson, who was developing its use for underwater object detection. Through being used for scientific research, and then later adapted towards the 1920s for condenser microphones, it was yet to be used in loudspeaker design until Peter Walker’s curious approach to loudspeaker development led to the ESL.  The ESLs cult following and iconic status is not just because it was the first to use such technology – like all projects led by Peter Walker, this was to quench his thirst of reproducing sound originally as it was recorded.
*Why no shipping on this product? Due to the delicate nature of these speakers, we're not offering shipping on these due to the risk of damage from couriers..





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Damn... if I was in Sydney...


My grandfather had a set of these running on his home made (electrical engineer) valve amp.

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The chap who bought my Doge monoblocks is running 2 pairs of these stacked, using the Doge' on the Class A setting (90w). He be very happy.

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