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SOLD: AGAIN FURTHER DROP!!![REPOST] Complete 7.2.4 inc Aaron speakers, Yamaha ATMOS Receiver, Rotel Power Amp, Cables

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Item: Complete Aaron speaker set, Yamaha RX-V3081, Rotel RB-985
Location: Gold Coast
Price: 2700 (price drop) (rrp over 10k) (donation to stereo.net)
Item Condition: good - mostly very good
Reason for selling: Home reno and losing cinema
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Aaron speakers and condition:

2 x ATS-4 (left/right) 9/10

1 x CC240 (centre) 7.5/10

4 x CC120 (surrounds) 9/10

2 x SS60 (surrounds) 9/10

4 x SS10 (height) 9/10

You can use either the ss60 for rears or all cc120 surrounds (what I used)


Aaron sub240 9/10

Aaron sub240 6.5/10

Each sub240 is 200w dual 10inch woofers

To get a sense of size, subs are about 76cm high


Yamaha RX-V3081 9.2 with 11.2 pre-outs (ATMOS/DTS-X)

Condition 9.5/10

Power amp

Rotel RB-985 THX certified power amp (5x100w)

Condition 8/10

Also includes enough 14awg speaker cable for any configuration (100m).


Happy to split as long as most of the stuff goes so please let me know if you're interested, last time I wanted all of it to go before splitting so might make it work this time.


Happy to ship (its not as expensive as you might think on a pallet).


Home reno means we're going open plan and losing a few rooms, one of those rooms is the home theater.


Happy to demo for serious buyers in completely unsuitable open plan room :D (without height speakers but even so theres enough there to still put a smile on your face)










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                 (15W, Class A, 8Ω): 0.005% or less 
      Tuner → SP out (60W, Class B, 8Ω): 0.01% or less Power bandwidth (0.03%, 8Ω) Class B: 10Hz to 50kHz 
      Class A: 10Hz to 70kHz Damping factor 45 or more (8Ω, 1kHz) Frequency characteristic Phono 1, 2 MC (RIAA deviation): 
      - 15kHz ± 0.2dB Tuner-Pre out: 5Hz-100kHz +0 -1dB Tuner-SP out (8Ω load): 5Hz-50kHz +0 -1dB Input sensitivity (rated) / impedance Phono 1: 2mV / 47kΩ, 68kΩ, 100kΩ 
      Phono 2: 2mV / 47kΩ 
      Phono MC: 50μV / 10Ω 
      Tuner, Aux: 120mV / 50kΩ 
      Main in: 1V / 50kΩ Maximum allowable input (1kHz, 0.02% distortion) Phono1, 2: 310mVr.ms 
      Phono MC: 7.5mVr.ms 
      Tuner, Aux: 20Vr.ms Output level / impedance Rec out: 120mV / 600Ω 
      Pre out: 1V / 500Ω Tone control characteristics Bass (125Hz⇔500Hz): ± 10dB (20Hz) 
      Treble (8kHz⇔2.5kHz): ± 10dB (20kHz) Subsonic filter 15Hz, 12dB / oct High filter 10Hz, 12dB / oct Noise level / SNR (IHF-A Network) Phono1, 2: 82dB 
      Phono MC: 71dB (input 50Ω short) 
             68dB (input 0Ω short) 
      Tuner, Aux, Tape: 100dB 
      Main: 118dB Residual noise 0.07mV or less <Meter part> Instruction range -50dB to + 5dB response speed 100μs Return speed 0.95sec <Others> Power supply AC100V, 50Hz / 60Hz Rated power consumption 300W External dimensions Width 461x height 170x depth of 360mm weight 20kg  

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Kiwi_steve
      Item: Yamaha Rx-A2060 
      Location: Melbourne, South East
      Price: $1100
      Item Condition: 9/10 (10/10 being new) 
      Reason for selling: Upgraded to Marantz 6013 for 11.2 channel 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Unit is in immaculate condition, no marks, scratches or blemishes of any kind. Comes with original box with all accessories. 
      Amazing amp, only ran atmos speakers off on board amps for the majority of the time as my floor speakers run off rotels. Good amount of punch, ran it a 5.2.4 configuration.
      If you want specs google is your friend. 
      Has latest firmware updates for dolby vision etc. 
      Not faults or issues. 
      Low ball offers will be ignored, possibly trolled 😏
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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