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SOLD: FS: YAMAHA NS-890 speaker pair

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Item: YAMAHA NS-890 speaker pair
Location: Keysborough VIC 3173
Price: $400 Firm. Pickup only.
Item Condition: Average cosmetics, good working.
Reason for selling: Too many speakers.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Bought these speakers here on SNA a few months back. Very rare speakers to see for sale.

Unfortunately both tweeters were blown, and they are not a matching pair. They are both Right Hand speakers.

I replaced the tweeters with high quality Epos ES14 alu dome tweeters grafted behind the original YAM tweeter front plates.

Worked a treat, and sound absolutely flawless. The ES14 tweeters are double magnet, and more efficient then the original.

The tweeters in the speakers do very little work, as the Beryllium mid/high dome does so much of the high frequencies.

Let me say that these are very capable speakers just being the model immediately below the NS-1000M.

In fact the woofers are superior to the NS-1000, as they have much larger magnets, and are more efficient.

The enclosures are larger than the NS1000M. Bass is somewhat better than NS-1000M, but not huge.

The foam surrounds on the woofers were replaced by past owners, but surrounds were cut, and overlapped to make correct size.

They function perfectly, so I left them alone, but cut away some of the stiffer overlapping. They are an eyesore unfortunately.

There is only one grille supplied. Buyer can perhaps copy, and make a matching one.

As far as the mirror image mismatch (ie two RH speakers) they sound superb as they are. Some other cheaper YAM models were not mirror imaged.

These things can take a LOT of power. If you see the crossovers, they are almost the width of the speaker with massive caps.

Crossovers are at least twice the size of Ns-1000M

I checked all caps, and they are still on upper tolerances. refer photo of crossover.

Honestly, these would be worth fully refurbishing with new grilles, foam surrounds etc, and would give many years of listening pleasure.

Comparing to the NS-1000M, which I had many pairs of, these are very close indeed, and so they should be, albeit at a fraction of the price.


Previous SNA sale:


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If now one else wants these and you're keen to put them in a box and ship please shoot me a message!

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Sorry mate these weigh 31 kgs each, and are large speakers.

They will not be posted. Local sale only.

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