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SOLD: Alo Ref 8 balanced HD800 Cable (salty pepper)

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Item: Alo Ref 8 balanced HD800 Cable (salty pepper)
Price: $250 + postage
Item Condition: excellent
Reason for selling: NLR /clear out
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: No longer have amp with XLR inputs, so this has been unused for quite a while. 

1.45m long
Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.




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very interested in yr cable but before I decide can u link me to some information about it . Id like to hear what sonic benefits it brings over stock xlr

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Don’t know how to link....but I’ve copied a review from “headfonics.com”

Do a google search and you’ll find it...


ALO Audio Salty Pepper Audeze Cable

$650 – $850 (5 feet) (Discontinued)


The Salty Pepper is one of my all-time favorite cables for use with the LCD-2. Quite apart from its striking looks it packs a 22AWG silver plated super annealed high purity copper (SXC) / super annealed CDA-101 Copper (CU)) wire with 8 conductors – 4 OCC and 4 SPC. The jacket material is Polyethylene (PE) and the cable itself is cryogenically treated in-house as with most ALO Audio cables. Sadly, this variation I believe is discontinued in favor of their new Reference Series but if you find one cheap I would say grab it.

Tonal Presentation

Stunning performance to be honest and totally opens up the LCD-2 compared to the stock cable which is muted and overly warm in contrast. The Cypher Labs has relatively more competitive cleaner tone than the stock but it’s not as dynamic or open sounding as the Salty Pepper.

Dynamics are truly excellent with a far more holographic soundstage and open sounding mid-range. Vocals are vivid and full of character with a slightly more refined control on sibilance than the Red Series from Wywires. Articulation and extension are just as good as the Red Series but the Salty Pepper has a nicer balance and better body with the LCD-2.

Tonally this is what I would call an exciting impactful and very musical sounding cable. If the Red series is quick sounding, clean and clear the Salty Pepper adds a bit more body but retains those dynamics and adds some nice additional bass weight and texture. As such I find the Salty Pepper to be just that bit more natural sounding than the Red Series from top to bottom.

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