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Is it really worth buying a UHD OLED TV?

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On 24/06/2019 at 9:31 AM, MrSQ said:

I know we UHD OLED Tv', such as 4K and the resent release of 8K tv are available to purchase. 

I think 8k would be very premature, given lack of content. OLED still carries a price premium and unless you are very very concerned about deep blacks, might be overkill.  (I couldn't consider OLED myself  for my own recent purchase because I knew the set I bought would be used a great deal of the time connected to a pc and displaying still images with large expanses of white, and high contrast text, and that would have resulted in a small risk of screen burn-in.)


In the world of non-OLED UHD TVs, there is a bewildering range of models to choose from! It sounds to me from your opening post that you may not necessarily be too concerned about getting the very best videophile standard picture quality. Certainly if the predominant viewing would be free to air, it would seem to make sense to aim for the low to mid range sets rather than the mid to high range.   65" is pretty much the de facto standard these days. 50" would be on the small side. The extra size of a 65" set, once you get used to it, is very satisfying.

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Only said by those who have never lived with one. Those who have don’t make said comments 🤙

4k yes with some caveats....   yes we have the media.... in both disc and streaming. will need a telly large enough to resolve the higher resolution or sit very close.... there will be some

I have evaluated OLED TV's and thats why I DON'T own one and wont until OLED's inherent limitations are addressed. For "quality" viewing, such as Bluray movies, OLED doesn't cut it, nor does ANY

Good to see both Owen & MLXXX still posting. They always provided a wealth of knowledge on  DTVForums. :thumbsup:

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On 04/07/2019 at 12:35 AM, MLXXX said:

I've found that the HDR material on Netflix can be spectacular

You are cherry picking mate. Don't evaluate using bright content, look at normal movies, in particular dim scenes like ones shot indoors at night, thats where compression throws away a lot of data because its expected that people viewing on TV's likely wont notice, and it seems they typically don't.

Just because people are happy with streaming 4K doesn't make it comparable quality to 4K Bluray with MUCH higher data rate, and even thats never actually 4K resolution it just has 4K pixels which is not the same thing at all, as you well know.

What the 4K streams do reveal  is how poor the bit rate starved 1080 streams are.


For image "quality" on a big projection screen I'll take 1080 Bluray over 4K streaming without hesitation.

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So.............I'm back after ages.................and wonder if my decision to purchase (got it delivered at the weekend) a Sony Master Series A9F is worth the premium I paid over their non-OLED models.


In my eyes and mind, I believe there is nothing out there that would return the same bang for buck, but I'm open to discussion/points of view that suggest better could be had for less.


I paid $4900 for the 65-inch beast.


Next port of call is a professional calibrator.

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35 minutes ago, cableconnoisseur said:

................and wonder if my decision to purchase.........is worth the premium I paid over their non-OLED models.....


If you have already purchased it, why are you looking back? :blink:


Just enjoy the new screen! :thumb:

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