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ATC SIA2-150 Integrated Amplfier Review

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I've finally finished my write up on the ATC SIA-150.  It's down in the 'Product Reviews & Opinions' section.  Link below.



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    • By MFidelity
      Item: schematic for Electrocompaniet ECI 5 (not ECI5 MKII)
      Price Range: $20 or ONO
      Item Condition: New or Used
      Extra Info:
      If you can help to find a full schematic, I need to know R620 R621 resistors value. 
      (thanks Rockeater. That is the first thing I did but they direct me a local dealer in Melbourne that never reply any email. 
      thanks Aab. I will Geiger a try. Will let you know the result.  Will contact you. 
      sorry I am new here don’t know how to PM and reply....)
    • By afie
      So currently I have nothing setup, but have narrowed down on speakers and am looking for what avr/power amp/dac are required to make work everything I desire.
      Id like to be able to have a 2ch setup for a main tv/kitchen/living area, with speakers to play:
      - music currently on a hard drive (internal and external);
      - tv/movies through streaming apps like Netflix through a Fetch box or a Xbox1 or a Chromecast;
      - streaming apps/Youtube through casting from an iphone.
      Sound quality of music is the priority, but I do find it much easier to hear spoken words on tv with separate speakers.
      I have been looking at Ascension speakers from Adelaide and talked to the guy there last year.  The likely model will be around 150 wrms at 8 ohms. I will call him again to discuss, but if I remember correctly from what he recommended last time, an AVR to drive such speakers is expensive relative to the speakers just to offer extra channels that I don't need. Would a suitable alternative be a 2ch power amp plus a second device to hand all the digital inputs?
      Emotiva BASX A-300 or AMC: 2N100MKII-2 are both 150w 8ohm power amps for about $800, but an AVR that can do 150w at 8 ohms are about $5k - what am I missing here? Ive looked into this several times over the last year and I feel like I am just going round in circles.
      Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
    • By Janjuc
      Price: $2100 Item Condition: Very Good ++ Shipping Options: Pickup is available Suburb or Town: Torquay State: Victoria Payment Method: Paypal (Friends + Family) or +3%, Cash, EFT Reason for selling: Rationalizing System Current equivalent EVO100 selling for $3400
      I have had this amp for about 4 years, the current tubes have around 400-450 hours of use. It has a small chip on the body at the back of the unit
      Excellent build and sound. Tubes included are Sylvania SV6L6GC, JAN 2 x 5814 and Primaluna  2 x 12AX7
      Has Adaptive Auto Biasing, and you can use 6550, KT90, EL-34, KT77, 6CA7, 6L6GC, KT66, 7581, EL37, and any of their equivalent power tubes.
      Hand made point to point wiring.
      Lots of reviews online.
      Shipping at cost and buyers risk, pickup preferred by mutual agreement.
      If picked up I will add a new set of tubes and a cover for the amp, value about $250+.

    • By mpearce38
      Price: $2950 Item Condition: Excellent- No marks fully operational Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Keysborough State: Victoria Payment Method: EFT, PAYPAL, PAYID Reason for selling: No Longer Required Further information: 
      To all the Naim Fanboys out there I get it 🙂  There is an attention to detail and feel of quality in this amp which is special. Everything is designed purposefully with all knobs  feeling silky smooth, connectors are all hand wired and it weighs a ton!!.  The sound floor is amazingly low with music coming from a jet black canvas right up there with the Bryston B135. It has an amazing ability to reveal subtle details  like the tapping of Birdy's  piano pedals or the muted breathing of Michael McDonald.  You hear things in records you didn't know existed.  But it also has a remarkable ability to not sound analytical despite the detail retrieval something the Devialet 120 could not.  Bass is strong and tight, mid range smooth and non fatiguing.  it has a wonderful sense of rhythm and pace.  It bettered my Roksan Caspian M2 which is a master in this regard. There is plenty of current on tap too,  it had no trouble driving my PMCs 23s to party levels and would be a great match for hard to drive speakers like Dynaudios.  It matches the moon 340ix for control despite the moon being rated significantly higher. 
      Unit is is excellent condition with original box and remote it was one of the later models produced in the series, I purchased it of a fellow SNA'r to demo in my system as I'm cycling through a few integrates at the moment. I replaced it with a moon 340IX and it was a toss up which one I kept but I've decided to keep the moon only because it has the built in DAC but for SQ I actually really like the Naim sound and can see why they have a cult following.
      I've priced this very competitively so price is firm as any lower then this and I will sell the Moon instead.
      Any questions just ask happy to post at buyers or pick-up also available  

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Konan
      Price: $2600 Item Condition: 9.5/10 (mint condition - no marks or faults) Purchased in 2011 by me from a local authorised dealer. Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Glebe State: New South Wales Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+2.9%), EFT Reason for selling: NLR - upgrading to active speakers Further information: 

      Priced reduced from $2,800 to $2,600
      For sale is my beloved Plinius 9200 in absolute mint condition. It was purchased new by me in 2011 and have been sparingly used especially in the last few years as a second system and has never failed to impress. Had every intention to continue keeping this - until a recent decision to upgrade to active speakers means it's time to consolidate my hifi system. Also comes with original double boxes, remote control, final test cert, & even the plinius white gloves.
      This is a stunning amp with plenty of power, finesse and dynamics and has a really nice phono stage. It has a power rating of over 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Per Plinius the 9200 operates in high bias class A/B however it has been designed to preserve as much of the class A sound as possible. It's well built like a tank and to last.
      Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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