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SOLD: Sold: PIONEER N-70AE Network Audio Player - 32bit DSD DAC Black RRP $2,499

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Item: PIONEER n-70ae
Location: Telopea, 2117, NSW
Price: 1350 (+ $30 shipping or Free for local pickup)
Item Condition: Excellent/As new
Reason for selling: Upgrading to a Roon support DAC system
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

I got this as brand new unit from Power Move as a replacement unit for my older model.

The box has amazing build quality which is over-engineering from Japan
It has 32 bit DAC (ES 9016S x 2) can do everything from DSP with multiple streaming service support.
Support Tidal MQA which is amazing with high-res streaming service.
It can stream and play any high res format that you want with excellent audio quality. I compared with Hegel H80 DAC and Chord Hugo and found the Pionner ES 9016S  DAC is better then them all, background is dead quiet comparing using computers with DAC.
The Pioneer "Remote App" for smart hand is very handy for play your files from NAS or Tidal.
RRP $2,499
Come with original boxes and  accessories
Free local pickup in Telopea, 2117, audition is welcome
5 star review from Whathifi:

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Reason for selling: Upgrading to a Roon support DAC system 🙄


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Hi Spizz,

you can play Roon via Chromecast music casting, but it can only do up to 24bit/192 as per current Chromecast protocol, not Room ready or dsd via Roon’s chromecast


The ROON READY is still my wish list from the firmware upgrade i did feedback to Pioneer and someone from Pioneer acked and fwded to dev teams.

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Hmm this does pretty much everything I have been looking for and it's the correct colour if only I had heard one.


I assume Roon can be done via DLNA with a microrendu or a sonore bridge. I have got this method to work with a few DLNA devices.

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2 hours ago, srms said:

Oops missed that bit :)


Thanks to the OP for the explanation.

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I just bought this Player and Im very happy with it.

A good deal at this price. GLWS.


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