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Selby Acoustics

EOFY SALE: 20% Off Solidsteel Racks, 20% Off Isoacoustics and more

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To celebrate our EOFY Sale, we're offering up to 60% off across numerous items in our range.

This includes 20% off the popular Isoacoustics brand, 20% off Solidsteel racks, 60% off various cables, and 40% off selected Projector Screens.










Hit up our website for the full range of offers.

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    • By Jones99
      Item: IsoAcoustic Gaia 1 Carpet disks
      Location: WA
      Price: $200 for 2 sets (4 in each set)
      Item Condition: Like new used once 
      Reason for selling: Gryphon Atlas spikes
      Payment Method: Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info: Each set has 4 carpet disks. All original packaging . Price new was $380 for the 2 sets

    • By Eagleeyes
      Item: Axis Voicebox S bookshelf speakers and Isoacoustic Aperta Stands 1 week old $2250
      Location: Perth 
      Price: Speakers new $2500 and Iso's $240 total $2740 - sell for $2250 as brand new-$500 off- for one week old and one days use.
      Item Condition: Perfect - new
      Reason for selling: Rash decision influenced by sound on $50000 system, they are bloody amazing but i don't have a $50000 system.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Delivery - Pack and send at your costs etc
      Extra Info: As new so everything you expect.
      websites http://www.isoacoustics.com/products/aperta-series/  http://axisvoicebox.com/index.html
      Philosophy of Axisvoicebox
      On a technical level, we also take the greatest pride in the products we design. Axis speakers exhibit superlative craftsmanship with exceptional build quality all in the service of music. We believe Axis loudspeakers are accurate instruments with a slavish dedication to realistic music reproduction… and reviewers and critics around the world wholeheartedly agree.
      Axis Loudspeakers products encompass the love of music and fervent passion of the designers. John Reilly and Brad Serhan have skilfully voiced the speakers to satisfy the most demanding listener – whether audiophile, music lover or professional sound engineer. 

      We know that, when it comes to audio purchasing, passion and an individual’s discernment play a major role. This is the reason we design and manufacture not to a price but to a standard. With this goal we can be confident that we’re offering the best we can achieve under a given construct and that the product will reflect the best possible performance and build quality.
      Our Designers
      John Reilly
      A self-taught drummer since the age of nine, John Reilly’s musical curiosity arose from the influence of his father who played steel guitar in a Hawaiian band. John’s love of music led him to a long career in the audio industry.
      He has had successful stints in retail and was a partner in a major Australian audio distributor which represented a number of global brands some of which included Bose, Acoustic Research, McIntosh, Velodyne and many more.
      John started Axis Loudspeakers and evolved the product range to include several high quality stereo models and a number of speakers and subwoofers designed for home theatre applications. He is extremely proud of the fact that all models offered by Axis at the time were recipients of Awards for excellence.
      After a hiatus, John has returned to his passion: designing and building the best possible loudspeakers within his strict quality criterion. Having always valued music over the equipment, John nevertheless believes that the Axis VoiceBox S and VoiceBox B exceed his mandate of pure excellence in music reproduction.   
      Brad Serhan
      In 1984 Brad Serhan founded Orpheus Loudspeakers a company that, based on high performance yet affordable products, grew to become one of the leading speaker manufacturers in Australia.
      After selling Orpheus Loudspeakers, Serhan has been in high demand as a consulting and freelance designer to a number of high profile Australian manufacturers and has been responsible for several highly successful designs – both critically and commercially.
      Now, Serhan brings his comprehensive experience and highly-tuned engineering skills to Axis Loudspeakers.
      Len Wallis Audio
      While working in retail it is not often that we get the opportunity to see how the other half of the industry works, the half responsible for actually creating the products that we then take to market. We have been afforded this opportunity recently as we watched the re-birth of the Axis VoiceBox loudspeakers.

      While it is not a household name Axis Loudspeakers have been around since 1992, and has always been the brainchild of designer John Reilly. The brand achieved considerable critical success during the ’90’s, receiving numerous ‘Best Buy’ awards and being named as ‘Manufacturer of the Year’. The product was distributed throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. Due to an economic downturn in Asia during the late ‘90’s production of the range was halted in 1997.

      In recent years John decided that the time was right to re-launch Axis – but on a more ambitious scale.  This time John’s goal was to produce a world product – something that has not been successfully done by an Australian company since Duntech – again late last century. To this end he has been working with another well-known Australian speaker designer (and former competitor) Brad Serhan. Brad has had a long and illustrious career spanning thirty years designing speakers in Australia. John (who has Australian/Chinese heritage – and who shares his time between the two countries) is manufacturing the product in China. This is one of a growing number of products that is alerting the world to the fact that when done right Chinese factories have the capability to produce product to the very highest of standards – the finish quality on the Axis VoiceBox is second to none!

      We have been very fortunate to be able to track the progress of this project – Brad and John have, from time to time, used our facilities to listen to and tweak their new product. It is fascinating to hear the effects that the smallest of changes to cross-over or cabinet design can make to the final result. At times we thought they had absolutely nailed the design, only to have them return with an improved version.

      The Axis VoiceBox may not appeal to everyone. It is a small speaker, and as such is not designed to play at extreme volume levels or with thunderous bass. However it is a design that appeals to me. I have always been a fan of good quality bookshelf speakers, reaching back as far as the legendary Rogers LS35A and the Epos ES14. If your interest extends to a speaker with exquisite detail, impeccable tonal characteristics and spooky imaging this may be the product that you are looking for. I find this to be a very engaging speaker, and in many ways reminiscent of another favourite Australia high-end bookshelf speaker, the Duntech DSM15 – which I understand Brad also had a hand in designing.
      The Axis VoiceBox will sell in Australia for $2,295/pair. This represents excellent value, and I understand will be below the asking price on overseas markets. I did come across a very complementary review of the earlier version of this speaker where they were selling for $2,500 the pair.

      John’s goal of a global speaker may be bearing fruit. While the product is only just now coming to market they have already secured a high profile distributor in the US – Colleen Cardas Imports 

      - Len Wallis,
      August 2014.


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