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Covers for the Chaos

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I am not sure if it really comes under the DIY section but I have just spent a week going made making some covers for my equipment.

Not being domesticated, a smoker and leaving the windows open most of the time a lot of dust gets into the house. It really hit me a week ago when I started doing some work in this room after about a 6 month break from doing anything.

I had only intended to make a couple of covers for some of my DIY bits that have some vary perforated tops and bottoms letting a lot of dust and other stuff in.

As its been some 50 years since my mother tort me some sewing and button repairs so I would not be totally useless I we went through life, it has been of a steep learning curve.

I figured the best way to mark out and cut the material was as if I was pressing up a piece of sheet metal.

I spent an hour on the internet learning how to operate the sewing machine my brother lent me (with no manual).   

 27 cover`s latter and I am nearing the end. ( yep, I got carried away).

They are not pretty or that well made but I think they should go some way to keeping the dust out.




DSC06234 e.jpg

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Posted (edited)

It looks like you have done well! 


Remands me of when I bought my first stereo, my mother made a cover for it.  It was the 70's, so it was a horrible textured orange/brown. 


Don't forget to remove the covers when you use the components - you don't want them to overhead and catch fire 😄


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Thank`s  audiofeline,

It would not have mattered what the colour was it`s all I had.

It`s a course thread, industrial cotton used for rapping freshly made rubber compounds in, so it does not all stick together.


I don`t want to think about the damage that could be done if I left the cover on one of the class A amps.   

Just have to remember to put them back on. Walked past a unit I had uncovered in the lounge for 3 days. Already dust settling on top.



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