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Phono preamp kit or plans up to $500

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21 minutes ago, audiofeline said:

I've looked at the Tavish Design site for a while, and been curious about their designs. 

Tube phono stages (so might not be what the OP wants); they can be bought assembled or in various forms of kit.




I'd come across their website awhile ago and forgotten. Assembled price w/ tubes seems good for the 'vintage' model

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11 hours ago, andyr said:


Yours is an interesting post, Chris, for the following reasons:


1.  I presume you're using the 1:40 SUT with an MM phono stage - which has a default Rload of 47K?

    Which means that you are loading it with 47000 / 1600 = 29 ohms.  Is this the loading which Linn recommend with their Asak?

    Wow!  Low signal level, btw!


2.  If you have a switch to select MM or Asak+SUT to pass through to the phono stage circuit ... you are degrading our SQ - relative to there not being a switch at this low signal level.

    I recommend you bypass the switch and see how this improves your sound.  :)


   BTW ... not hard IMO to "oust a Graham Slee ReflexM".  :lol:




Hi Andy.  Yes the tubes4hifi PH16 is a MM phono stage and I am using a Rload of 47K.  Linn recommends >10 ohms and nominal 470 ohms for the asak.  I only have one higher loading of 68K available but could always change the loading resistors.


I realise there should be a sound degradation running through a switch, but, I really haven't found it to make very much of a difference.  Perhaps this is due to running 70 year old amp technology and 60 year old speaker technology :-)  Or it is my ears having been abused by building spark gap tesla coils and racing a speedway bike! 


It isn't really required now that I've put the Lingo on the LP12 and don't need the second table for 45RPM although a second table is always nice to swap to periodically.


When I get other projects out of the way I'll have to look at loading and the switch in the system - always something to be a tinkering with :-)


P.S.  The loading issue is to be changing as I have a Linn Akiva coming with output of 0.4mV and will be either using 10x or 20x of SUT, BTW akiva recommended load is >50 ohms.


The Graham Slee Reflex M is a good MM phono stage for the $'s particularly with the PSU1

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