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Buying a UPS

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Just now, Assisi said:

Oh yes!

Product straight out of the box didn't work.  I was told that Mwave was not responsible and that I would have to send it back to the the agent at my expense for repair.  That was when I learnt a bit more about the law and my rights.


It is probable that Mwave is not unique.  Buying online has its problems.  Just be careful and know your rights and do not be bluffed.  If somebody tried what Mwave did to me now, I would very carefully explain my rights and if I didn't get due consideration then things would get exciting for all concerned.





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18 minutes ago, Darren69 said:

OK, I haven't had any problems with them, as in, we have never been in an acid test.


I guess things are all Ok until they aren't.


Back to UPS info

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Posted (edited)

On the basis of this fruitful discussion (it sorted out some nagging questions), I *might* pick meself up a pure sine wave CyberPower 675w/700VA bit of kit for about $400.  Need some cords as outlets are IEC which is a bit awkward.

If for nothing else, in the event of pesky blackouts which are becoming more problematic in our first world country, to be able to shut down without power coming back on again a minute or so later - those with valve amps may appreciate the import of that - and ya get all the bells and whistles thrown in.


Edit - I see some much cheaper, but not pure, which is probably OK for most things outside of the man cave.


Edited by Lloyd

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Bit o FUD here.


2nd hand is fine particularly if with reconditioned batteries.


Dont expect stellar mains quality unless you’re doing for a double conversion unit, most of these are large power and are not line interactive (eg they don’t just kick on when you need them, they are instead always on - and loud).


You will want Ethernet management if using for a security application. Smart crims will often visit your house one night, flip the mains breaker or pop your mains fuses, wait for any UPS to drain and come back a day later. You want an email or notification that tells you mains is out, particularly if for security. APC makes a nice system here, the cards are expensive online from distributors but around $200 ea on eBay. Budget that. It’ll also help you manage when your batteries need changing, selfntesting etc the lot to maximise your investment.


APC does the smart UPS range - pretty good - and the smart X range, which is battery expandable if you want more duration. They start at 750VA so bank on 500W. These are $650-$700ea new and if you can get something like this second hand with new batteries that are guaranteed, do it. There is nothing special about the batteries unless lithium ion, which are way out of budget.


Would recommend not using the same UPS for security and for your hifi. You don’t need management for your Hifi and any s/h UPS with good power will do.

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Lastly, if you’ve a friendly sparky and want to do it right - get a caravan plug for every UPS you run and reticulate the output to GPOs marked with a separate colour to designate backup power (usually we use red).


Give the UPSs a dedicated breaker on your mains (if indoor, on a secured sub board otherwise) and have the snarky mark it the UPS as a separate mains supply source. Eliminates the possibility that something else going pop leads to a flat UPS.


Food for thought if doing it proper :)

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rmpfyf thank you for your detailed reply

Ok I'm happy to buy 2 seperate UPS on this advise ,a cheap unit for the projector and a better unit for the NVR(security  cameras recorder )

This morning I went to CPL in Nottinghill to buy and spoke to a chap told him what I needed etc and as soon as I said they would be up in my ceiling space (Attic) he said no way that they should be up there 

they will overheat and catch fire ,basically said any temp over 40 degrees and they become a fire hazard !!

long story short I left the shop empty handed and disallusioned!!I 

ok what is my next step the main lead for projector already runs into the ceiling cavity(controlled from a master switch in the theatre)

and I have run all my cat 6 cables for cameras into the ceiling space and terminated the ends not far from the manhole entrance!

the plan was to have the recorder setup not far from the manhole 


is what the salesman told me correct?admittedly on a hot day it is bloody hot up in there so I'm now wondering have I thought all this through properly ?

Also more questions 

1)does the APC X series have the Ethernet plug ?how does it send me an email if I don't have a home computer?

What are the $200 eBay cards?

is the APC X series line interactive ?(not on all the time?)

happy to increase my budget to do it right 

In need of more feedback and advise please 

cheers Muri

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